Products that help to preserve beauty after 40 years

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08 September 2017, 09:00

Women of any age always want to remain beautiful. It is especially difficult to maintain beauty after 40 years, so it is very important during this period to monitor your diet. Dieticians have identified several products that must necessarily be present in the menu of every middle-aged woman.

  • Grapefruit is a wonderful antioxidant that fights early aging and provides a quality sleep. Among other things, this fruit contains few calories, it is nutritious and helps to "curb" the appetite, not allowing the appearance of excess weight. You can drink fresh grapefruit juice, add slices in salads or even in morning porridge. Grapefruit "friends" with almost any fruit, as well as fish, seafood, greens.

  • Red fish is rich in fatty acids, which improve the thinking processes, prevent the development of age-related changes in the brain, normalize the cholesterol in the blood, and stabilize the blood pressure. Of course, not everyone can afford to include the red fish daily in the diet. However, experts recommend eating 100-150 grams of fish at least twice a week. It is not necessary to buy salmon or salmon, - you can pay attention to relatively inexpensive species, such as chum salmon.

  • Chicken meat, or turkey meat, freed from the skin is a storehouse of vitamins and nutrients. Especially valuable in this product is vitamin PP, which promotes skin rejuvenation. In addition, turkey meat is rich in choline, which improves brain activity and memorization processes. It is recommended to cook meat in a double boiler or simmer in a small amount of liquid, with vegetables.

  • Black chocolate (cocoa - at least 75%, or better - 85%) contains polyphenols, which protect the vascular walls from damage by free radicals. In addition, chocolate improves sexual activity and improves mood. Every day, doctors recommend eating up to 2-3 slices of dark chocolate. To prolong the enjoyment, chocolate crumbs can be sprinkled with oat porridge or cottage cheese.

  • Not very popular product in our compatriots - spinach - contains in its composition lutein, which has the properties of an antioxidant. Lutein stops the age-related changes in the organs of vision. Of course, the greatest benefit will come from fresh spinach. However, it is eaten and stewed, with the addition of a small amount of water and oil. In addition, spinach is added to the cutlet minced meat, omelet, into boiled pasta, etc.

In addition to nutrition, every woman who has crossed the forty-year boundary, should not forget about the need for physical activity, full rest, active pastime. It is also important to ensure proper care for hair, skin and nails - after all, after 40 years, the level of estrogen decreases, and this is not the best way to affect the body. If you follow all the not so difficult, but very important recommendations, you can stay beautiful, healthy and young for a long time.

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