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The most useful energy drink is named

02 May 2017, 09:00

Nutrition experts made public the list of the most useful energy drinks. At many such list will cause surprise, after all on the first place in the given rating is ... Ordinary drinking water.

Today many people are fond of energy drinks - and, first of all, they are teenagers and people from 20 to 30 years old. The current rhythm of life makes people look for new ways to cheer up. Coffee does not help everyone, but for an extract of Schizandra it is necessary to run to the pharmacy. Whether it's an energy drink: it raises the working capacity in a matter of minutes, and it's not a shame to appear "in public" with him, since jars with effervescent energy look, as a rule, stylish and modern.

Of course, advertising here plays far from the last role: most teenagers are sure that drinking energy "cool" - both at work or school, and at a party or in a club. However, many people know that such drinks bring more harm than good.

Feeling of vivacity after using energy is a temporary action, which is then replaced by increased fatigue, irritability, sleep and heart activity. And - the more often people drink such drinks, the more harm it has for their body.

Meanwhile, scientists have analyzed all sorts of drinks and came to the conclusion that no other drink is invigorating better than ordinary drinking water. And the benefits of water are indisputable. It is especially important to drink water for those who actively exercise physical activity, leads an active lifestyle.

In order to quickly recover and improve the tone of the body, it is recommended to add a little lemon juice and honey to clean water. If there are problems with the digestive tract, then it will be enough to drink just water with honey.

Experts are sure that popular energy drinks today bring much more harm than good. As a result of frequent use of power engineers, there may be malfunctions with the nervous system, excess weight may appear, teeth may break down, the digestive system and the kidneys may be affected.

As for ordinary water, you can drink it without exception - both children and adults. Cool water, drunk on an empty stomach, speeds up the metabolic processes, energizes and drives the sleep.

Water with the addition of lemon juice perfectly tones, improves the work of the liver and cardiovascular system. After all, ascorbic acid, which is contained in lemon juice, acts as an antioxidant and stimulant, increases immunity and normalizes metabolism.

A little salted water can also be used as energy - and especially if you need to bring the blood glucose level to normal . But here the main thing - do not overdo it with the addition of salt - it should be really a bit.

Of course, water will not act as swiftly as a can of energy drink. However, its action will be brighter, longer and, more importantly, much safer.

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Medical expert editor

Portnov Alexey Alexandrovich

Education: Kiev National Medical University. A.A. Bogomolets, Specialty - "General Medicine"

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