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Modern gadgets interfere with emotional development of the child

10 February 2015, 09:00

Experts argue that children who fall into hysterics need to be given some time so that they can calm down on their own, in other words, leave one crying baby alone for a while, instead of giving in to emotions and not giving a tablet or phone in their hands to soothe him.

According to children's psychologists, children's enthusiasm for modern gadgets leads to the fact that the child is not able to control his own emotions, which in turn inhibits emotional development.

A group of researchers from the University of Boston came to the conclusion that children should find a way to help themselves keep the feelings under control, but not hide them, what happens when they are distracted by games in the phone or tablet.

Gadgets are now so common that parents give their children almost from the first months of life. According to Dr. Jenny Rodeski (a specialist at the Department of Pediatrics at Boston University), there is now no reliable data on how modern electronic devices affect a child.

Dr. Rodeski deals with problems in the development and behavior of children, studies were conducted only in the field of TV, during which it was found that the more a child spends time in front of the TV, the harder he is given communication and speech skills.

In their free time, children spend with mobile devices, instead of interacting live with their peers. According to the children's doctor, if the parents see the only option to calm the child by giving him a phone or a tablet, then the baby does not have an internal mechanism that is responsible for self-monitoring.

Earlier studies have found that e-books and other interactive devices are important for a child who has reached the age when he is able to understand and assimilate what he has read or is at a development stage when it is necessary to actively increase his vocabulary. At the same time, experts noted that for such devices the child must be at least a junior school age, and it is better if he already starts going to school.

In a study conducted by pediatricians at the University of Boston, it was shown that children who became addicted to such "toys" at an early age were less socially and emotionally developed compared to peers who first encountered the tablet at a later age or, in general, he did not use it.

Studies have shown that if a child, during the early development of the psyche, spends all the time with a mobile phone or tablet, this can lead to the fact that he will not have the skills to solve problems, the mechanisms of social interaction, empathy (feeling of compassion) - that is . All those abilities that usually develop during the game, communicating with peers, learning about the world. Also modern gadgets violate the development of fine motor skills, cognition of the world by touch, which is of great importance for teaching natural and exact sciences in the future. In addition, it was found that the muscles that the child needs in the future for writing, remain undeveloped as a result of frequent use of the sensor.

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