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Men live less because of stereotypes

25 April 2016, 09:00

It is known that men all over the world live on less women. The most common belief that men more often than women drink alcohol and smoke, so prone to develop cardiovascular disease, but at Rutgers University team of scientists found that another cause of male deaths can be laid over the centuries stereotypes that force men to appear stronger and lying to doctors about his condition.

According to psychologists, society accepted that, in principle, a man stronger and stronger women, and this leads to the fact that the strong half of humanity with the appearance of any symptoms either ignores them or trying to find a male doctor. As we found out, most of the men at the doctor's, women keep back that they are concerned than complicate diagnosis and worsen their condition.

One of the authors of the new study noted that on average men live 5 years less beautiful half of humanity, and from a physiological point of view, the experts can not explain it. To find out the reason for this gap, researchers conducted a survey of 250 adult males and found that the higher figures were for "masculinity" scale, the more men chose a male doctor. In the second stage, the experts polled the same number of students (young people were asked the same questions as the previous respondents), and found that those who sincerely believed that men should not show their feelings, are not ready to complain about what else the problem with health.

In the third phase, researchers interviewed about half a thousand men and women, and found that supporters stereotype rarely go to the doctor, conceal their symptoms and more likely to have complications. It is worth noting that among the fair sex there is a similar effect: women who consider themselves to be strong and do not rely on anyone's help, turn to doctors less and silent about the fact that they are concerned in fact.

According to one of the researchers, in men deep in the subconscious laid down that they must not show weakness to anyone, in severe situations, they need to rely solely on yourself, this is what leads to health problems. Women have a different picture - they are vulnerable, sensitive, tend to show emotions and more show concern about their own health.

Speaking of men's health, in a recent study, scientists found that can strengthen men's health - and oddly enough, is grumbling and accusations on the part of women, who complain because all men. Even specialists proved that women with special attention to health, not only to his or her children, but also for its second half. Ignoring the symptoms of serious men leads to severe disease and complications, but the wife always points to the "alarm bells" with health and persuaded to visit a doctor.

According to a study married men are hospitalized an average of 30 minutes before the blank, which is also the result of women's concerns. According to experts, the wife also pays great attention to doctor's orders, as opposed to men, and literally forced the men to carry them out, while the idle can sometimes miss medications or violate the regime.

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