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Maple syrup helps in fighting infections

Last reviewed by: Aleksey Portnov , medical expert, on 30.05.2018
10 April 2017, 09:00

American scientists managed to find a new unique property in the famous maple syrup, which is to increase the effectiveness of antibiotics. The scientists told about their discovery during the regular 253 national exhibition and the meeting of the US Chemical Society.

Research associate of the American University McGill Natalie Tufenkji conducted research on the antibacterial ability of cranberries when she got information about the antitumor properties of maple syrup. The researcher decided to study the composition of the syrup more thoroughly and simultaneously prove the healing properties attributed to it. Surprisingly, maple syrup was not so useful, but rather - useless. However, one property of this product really deserved the attention of scientists: it was found that extract from maple can greatly increase the effect of antibiotics on bacterial cells.

Natalie Tufenkji did not stop at the result and continued experiments. She tested the combination of the effects of maple syrup simultaneously with antimicrobial drugs - Ciprofloxacin and Carbenicillin. As pathogenic bacteria were selected: Escherichia coli, Proteus (causative agent of urinary infections) and pseudomonad (causative agent of intra-hospital infectious pathologies).

The specialist discovered that the use of the maple juice extract against the background of antibiotic therapy makes it possible to reduce the amount of the prescribed antimicrobial preparation by 80-90%. This information was confirmed a little later - during research on fruit flies and larvae of Lepidoptera butterflies, which were previously affected by microbial infectious diseases.

Experts explain the success of the application of maple syrup by the fact that individual components of this product are capable of increasing the permeability of cell membranes, which in turn facilitates the penetration of the antibiotic into the microbial cell.

Scientists suggest that the use of maple juice extract in the treatment of infectious diseases can guarantee a significant decrease in the number of antibiotics taken. Also, presumably, pathogenic microorganisms will be less resistant to antibiotic therapy.

Maple syrup is a famous product that is especially popular in Canada. It is made by boiling maple juice. Canadians and Americans argue that the syrup is a very useful product: it prevents the development of tumors, protects against colds, improves the condition of the heart and blood vessels, eliminates erectile dysfunction and even cures infertility. Many people add the juice extract to the dishes to purify the liver and improve blood circulation and metabolism. Some nutritionists also believe that maple syrup gives the human body a large amount of energy, and carbohydrates from the product are not stored in excess fat. Therefore, slimming people can use a certain amount of syrup - for example, instead of sugar.

It is important to know!

Natural antibiotics not only do not weaken the defenses of the body, but rather strengthen it. Antibiotics of natural origin have long helped to combat various diseases. With the discovery in the 20th century of antibiotics and the large-scale production of synthetic antibacterial drugs, medicine has learned to fight with severe and incurable diseases. Read more..

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