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05 April 2013, 09:00

Not one medical study was devoted to aphrodisiacs - products that can positively influence the sexual desire and have an exciting effect. Aphrodisiac is a natural substance that can stimulate sexual activity in both women and men. The most common are aphrodisiacs of plant or animal origin. A completely opposite effect creates anaphrodisiacs - substances that can dull the sex drive.

British researchers published a list of products that affect the person's libido in a negative way. In a popular medical publication, information has appeared about food that you should not use if you do not want to reduce your sexual desire ahead of time.

The most dangerous product of all that "kill" sexual desire, experts found fresh cheese from cow or goat's milk. Milk can contain a large number of antibiotics (substances that slow the growth of living cells in the body) and growth hormone. These substances can affect the human hormonal background and disrupt the production of testosterone and estrogen, which does not always have a positive effect on sexual desire.

Sweet carbonated drinks are listed in second place. Experts have proved that carbonated water with artificial colors and flavors reduces the level of serotonin, which is considered responsible not only for good mood, but also for sexual desire. In addition, substances that are contained in soda increase the risk of diabetes, contribute to the emergence of excess weight and the formation of caries.

Not surprisingly, the list of dangerous products for libido has caught chips, french fries and other fast food products, which are heat treated with a lot of sunflower or palm oil. When preparing chips on an industrial scale, oil is used repeatedly, which destroys all its useful properties.

Glutamate sodium - the most common taste enhancer was recognized as the most dangerous for sexual attraction by an artificial compound. Experts argue that the substance is capable of provoking the occurrence of causeless depression, fatigue and cause problems with the cardiovascular system. Also, doctors talk about the possible occurrence of problems with the nervous system, and with unstable and inadequate brain work, one can not talk about normal sexual desire.

The use of canned products also leads to a rapid decline in libido. Some experts are sure that a large amount of salt consumed, which is contained in all canned meat and vegetables, can even lead to impotence.

Excessive consumption of coffee adversely affects the function of the adrenal glands, which produce stress hormones. Coffee is a strong enough diuretic and over time, the adrenal glands do not cope with their functions, which leads to an inadequate amount of hormones produced in the body.

Alcoholic beverages that contain a lot of sugar or, worse, a sweetener affect the level of glucose in the blood and can cause diabetes mellitus, anxious neurosis and, accordingly, reduce the level of sexual desire.

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