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It is proved that you can sleep and lose weight at the same time

28 March 2017, 09:00

Dutch experts said that they found an effective technique for successful weight loss in sleep.

For a long time, scientists have watched people who want to get rid of extra pounds, and have come to an interesting discovery. As it was possible to find out, for successful weight loss it is necessary to go to bed, having opened a window or a balcony door. Experiments have confirmed that lowering the ambient temperature in the room leads to the allocation of additional energy in the body to produce heat - and this is - easily spent calories.

Experts unequivocally recommend that slimming people open the window for the night. It has been scientifically confirmed that fresh cool air causes a small and uncritical cooling of the body, and a decrease in temperature indicators on the surface of the body leads to increased energy production and to the acceleration of metabolic processes.

The scientists gave some explanations for the perfect discovery. The fact is that the human body consists of two types of adipose tissue. The first fatty tissue is the so-called "white" fat. Usually his presence indicates an overabundance of fat deposits in humans. "White" fat burns the body only as a last resort - with a lack of food or a lower ambient temperature. The second type of adipose tissue is "brown" fat, which has its own unique function - to maintain a constant body temperature.

Scientists came to the conclusion that the first type of fat tissue is responsible for collective or storage function, and the second type of fat tissue is responsible for utilization, or "burning" of fats. Thus, the artificial lowering of the ambient temperature in the room can significantly "disperse" the metabolic processes.

Specialists give one more interesting recommendation: to go to sleep should be quiet. Scandals and emotional outburst shortly before sleep lead to the fact that the overexcited organism slows down metabolic processes and lengthens the time of burning calories.

In the course of additional experiments, it was found that sleeping indoors with open windows or with an open balcony door lowers the likelihood of developing diabetes - a disease that is often a companion of extra pounds in a person.

Medical experts advise to pay attention to the fact that sleep in a room with cool and fresh air positively influences the general tone of the organism, promotes hardening and strengthening of immunity. Sleep with an open window reduces the risk of metabolic disorders, preserves youth, facilitates the process of falling asleep. In this case, doctors reveal one important detail: to lower the weight it is desirable to sleep naked: so the surface layers of the skin will cool faster, and the natural hormonal substance - cortisol, which is responsible for the accumulation of fat in the body - will be produced in less quantity. A lowered level of cortisol in the future will facilitate control over your appetite, eliminate anxiety and protect you from nervous breakdowns.

However, scientists caution: you can not overdo it in order to not get colds.

It is important to know!

Many could notice that immediately after eating, they constantly pull to sleep. As it turned out, sleep after eating is a natural physiological process, characteristic of almost any living creature. Read more..

Last reviewed by: Aleksey Portnov , medical expert, on 31.05.2018
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