How to choose the right tea?

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29 May 2012, 09:48

Did you know that on average every person drinks 15 liters of tea a month, and during the year more than 160 liters? This confirms the fact that today tea becomes the most real cult, business, and continues to maintain stable popularity among people of any gender, age and nationality. However, often many complain that there are no stores in their cities where you can buy high-quality tea or coffee. Let's figure out where to buy tea weight in Kiev stores, and in other cities of Ukraine ...

How to buy or order tea without being disappointed in the purchase?

If you buy black or green tea at the usual retail outlets or online store of coffee and tea, you discovered a painfully familiar inscription: "Made in China" and believe that this tea was brought straight from China, from the homeland of tea, where the cultivation of tea bush and production tea-national business, and there should be no doubt about its quality, you are mistaken.

In fact, this inscription indicates that you have a fake.

On the packaging of really quality tea, the notorious "Made in China" or "Made in India" will never be indicated.

In China, the tea business is led by the "China National Import and Export Company of Tea and Local Products". Its name is indicated on packages with quality tea.

This Ceylon tea can be distinguished by the image of a lion on a package and the inscription "Packed in Sri-Lanka".

On the box of Indian tea, find a drawing in the form of a head of a lion or a compass, and also the inscriptions "Davenport" and "A, Toch" - then you will definitely be sure that you have a quality product.

A good green or black weight tea is purchased from manufacturers from India, China, Sri Lanka, Indonesia, Japan, Georgia, Azerbaijan. If you decide to order aromatized tea, then deliveries are best carried out from Germany, England, Denmark or Holland.

Where to buy weight tea?

Quality, of course, in specialized stores or online store!

Well, if you completely trust the seller, but even better able to independently distinguish quality tea weight from counterfeiting. First of all, remember that weight tea is not wine, but because the older it is, the worse. If the tea is stored for a long time, the souring begins to be given with hay. Therefore, it is better to buy black or green tea cheap, but more fresh than elite, but stale. Quality tea can also be determined by packaging. Regardless of whether you buy tea in the city's shops or on the Internet, it should be packed not only in a cardboard box, but also in a plastic bag or foil. Best of all, tea retains its properties in a vacuum package. If a tea shop in Kiev offers tea by weight, the container in which the weighted tea is stored should be opaque, because The sun's rays are destructive to tea leaves.

Feel the weight of tea!

A good tea should be heavy, prickly and dense. However, the tea leaves should be easily broken and ground into powder. If this does not happen, most likely, in the process of making tea did not dry, and soon it will deteriorate.

Examine the tea that you are going to order or buy. To do this, you can pour the tea leaves on the dish. Notice how many large and small sheets as a result of it turned out. Of course, tea dust in any case will appear, but it should not be too much - ideally the bulk of the tea on the saucer should be a large leaf (about 90% of the total amount of the mixture).

Of course, if you are purchasing tea through the Internet, it is impossible to check the quality of tea by external signs. However, if you buy it in shops in Kiev and other cities of Ukraine, pay attention to the color of the leaves: if the weight tea looks dull, then its high quality can be forgotten.

Tea should be stored and packed in separate rooms, the closeness of strong-smelling substances should be excluded. Therefore, if the smell of tea is not added to the characteristic smells for it, give up such a purchase.

What if you bought a weighted tea over the Internet?

It is necessary to check the quality of tea during brewing!

The infusion is cloudy, and the leaves are sluggish? Go to the representatives of the company from whom you purchased this weight tea in order to return the purchase - surely their tea business is conducted with violations of all norms. At the present tea the infusion is transparent and pure, and at brewing the leaves are opened.

Where can I buy high quality tea?

You can talk for a long time about what to choose and order weight tea: green, black or prefabricated - each of them has its own characteristics, and this is a matter of taste. And as for the places where tea is bought, today the tea business has become a part of not only real but also virtual life.

The only advice: in order not to make a mistake and buy quality tea, use the services of reliable suppliers and sellers of tea, and then this drink will please, give cheerfulness and good mood!

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