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12 April 2016, 10:00

In Britain, experts found that it is better to go on holiday to another country or, in extreme cases, to another city or village. In the opinion of scientists, only leaving the boundaries of their own city, a person fully rests, relaxes, restores strength and mental state. In confirmation of their words, a team of scientists conducted a survey in which more than 30 million people took part.

As a result, experts concluded that 81% of respondents (those who decided to go on holiday to another country) felt physically much better, were more rested and calm. Among all respondents, 35% noted that during the holiday in another country, the stress gained during the work had receded, 42% said they felt full of energy after the holiday, 10% noted improvement in skin condition, and 6% bragged of weight loss .

According to British experts, the reason for such positive changes for a person is that during the journey a change in the situation occurs - far away from the house of a person new people are seized, new places, new impressions, all problems, cares remain at home, which is thousands of kilometers away.

By the way, scientists warn that a vacation is necessary for a person to maintain normal working capacity, in addition, experts even found that to relax from work every 62 days, but, unfortunately, how much time (several days, a week or a month) is necessary for the restoration of the forces of scientists have not been reported.

Experts are sure that without a vacation a person simply "burns up" at work, while working capacity deteriorates every 2 months and it is necessary to make regular breaks in work. Scientists found that more than 20% of employees suffer from various diseases due to the fact that they did not take a vacation for a long time. The researchers found that those employees who prefer monetary compensation to leave are more irritable and aggressive than those who do not miss their annual leave. Workaholics often develop insomnia, which only leads to a worsening of emotional tension, as a result, "internal burnout" occurs.

In general, work without leave has a negative effect on the whole body - immunity decreases, general health worsens, chronic diseases develop.

It is worth noting that more than 5% of employers in the United States allow their employees to "sell" vacations inside the company, i. Employees can transfer their vacation in full or in part to colleagues for a certain monetary reward. In the opinion of employers, employees can completely replace each other at work, and the overall process will not suffer from this at all.

In the research center, Superjob conducted a survey among working people and found out that almost half of respondents are ready to sell their vacation to colleagues, and slightly more than 40% are not averse to purchasing additional vacation for themselves. Men are more willing to part with leave for money than women, but the older a person is, the less he is ready to give up rest.

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