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An electric bike that fits in a backpack is a new development of young specialists

11 December 2014, 09:00

Young engineers from the company ImpossibleTechnology from the very beginning of the project knew that their development should become not just a folding bicycle.

Experts decided that the novelty should be so compact that the electric bike could easily fit into the backpack, in addition, the design should be easy, which will take it with you without much difficulty. However, in practice it turned out to be not so simple to create a compact, light and strong bicycle with an electric motor at the same time.

As a result, the engineers developed a completely new bicycle design with a round frame, thanks to which it was possible to achieve an even load distribution. The seat and the steering wheel are set at the same height, resulting in both the front and rear wheels are of equal weight.

As the main material for the frame, experts chose carbon fiber, which made the construction light and unusually strong.

In the middle of the frame is a junction box made of high-strength steel (by the way, there are not very many steel parts in the bike). The steel box can easily withstand both the weight of the bicyclist and everyday loads (the novelty can withstand up to 85 kg).

To save space, the developers combined the transport case with the seat. The case has a superhydrophobic coating that protects the bicycle and charger from moisture and allows it to be ready for use in all weathers.

Also in the novelty is a compact and lightweight disc motor, but at the same time having enough power to allow driving up to 25 km (at normal speed). Battery electric bike with a capacity of 2900 mA / h and allows you to drive 45 minutes at a speed of 20 km / h.

The most difficult process in the development for specialists was the choice of a motor that would correspond to the idea of young engineers.

While testing the prototype of an electric bike, the existing engine was improved, but the developers promised that electric bicycles with an engine designed specifically for the novelty (it is assumed that this would be a DC direct-current motor)

The existing speed regulator was also redesigned for the prototype, but by the beginning of the series production the team of engineers from ImpossibleTechnology promises to develop its own regulator.

Rides on a new compact electric bicycle (which the authors called Impossible - Impossible) are simple enough and do not require special training. To ride, you just need to point the wheel in the right direction and enjoy the ride (do not press or twist the pedals).

Developers collect money on a special site Kickstarter, which helps realize the creative ideas of young professionals. If successful, the developers will adapt the electric bicycle to use, developing a number of accessories that will be sold in the online store ImpossibleTechnology.

If financing is sufficient, the company will need about eight months to start production and enter the market.

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