The dentist’s chair is endowed with the ability to “feel” the patient

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Last reviewed: 07.06.2019

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06 February 2019, 09:00

It is unlikely that among you there is a person who gladly agrees on a trip to the dentist. Sometimes even the most desperate "extremes" tremble before entering the office. It does not matter that the doctor will conduct relatively painless manipulations: the very fact of visiting the dentist can already cause a state of internal panic. As the doctors themselves say, it is much easier to fight with the sensation of pain than with the state of fear. However, recently, specialists presented a unique "smart" chair for the dental office: it has an interesting property to sense the fear of the patient. In addition to all this, this chair will help patients not to feel the fear of dentists, and will even promote overall health.

The invention was presented by the staff of the Dental Center at Columbia University. They initiated the experiment: all patients of the dental university clinic will issue special bracelets with built-in RFID technological capability (radio frequency identification property). This bracelet uses specific markers that automatically identify the subject. The device will record such moments: for how long, and in what way were the manipulation tools involved, in what position was the patient, etc. Additionally, the dental chair will monitor the indicators. The list of its basic functions will include: counting the pulse, assessing the degree of fullness of the lungs, determining the level of stress load and total voltage.

What is the "trick" of the new method, and how will it help the patient to forget about their fears? Indicators that will be removed from all installed sensors will instantly go to the doctor. By analyzing the information received, he will be able to prevent fear in advance, changing his tactics in the course of procedures, suspending manipulations, distracting and reassuring the patient. In addition, separately for the doctor, the display of stress and pain load indicators will be displayed, which will also be useful for improving the possibilities of therapy. However, this is not all the "advantages" of the new chair. Scientists want to use it for preventive purposes.

“The information collected from the sensors will help doctors not only provide high-quality dental treatment, but also assess the state of human health in general. It may be possible to determine the dependencies, the initial stages of cardiovascular diseases, diabetes and even oncopathology. We have noticed: people often visit the dental office more often than any other doctor in the clinic. Therefore, why not equip the chair with some diagnostic functions - for example, to teach it to determine the level of glucose in the blood, pressure indicators, etc., ”the experts explain their idea.

Information published in the magazine Popular Mechanics.

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