Consumers of meat are fed antibiotics

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Last reviewed: 16.05.2018

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20 August 2012, 13:16

Today, unscrupulous producers, absolutely any meat can give for the natural, grown without chemistry, pack it in the appropriate packaging with calligraphic inscriptions and put it on the counter. In addition to their ingenuity to break a solid jackpot. After all, a food product, positioned as organic, costs several times more than an unnamed colleague.

This opinion was reached by experts, examining the safety of antibiotics in meat. Studies of the American consumer organization Consumer Reports were studied.

It has been established that today a wide range of modern antimicrobial agents are used in the cultivation of domestic agricultural animals and poultry, including antibiotics and coccidiostatics, which, in addition to direct therapeutic function, play the role of stimulators of productivity, that is, growth stimulants.

As a result, in order to prevent animal diseases when keeping in unsanitary conditions and to accelerate the growth of livestock, meat and poultry producers, and not medical organizations, became the main consumers of antibiotics.

In turn, the uncontrolled deliberate use of antimicrobial agents leads to their accumulation in meat and, consequently, their subsequent ingestion of food into the human body. In this case, they accumulate in the human body and develop the resistance of bacteria to these drugs.

This is a time bomb! This will lead to the fact that in case of an acute infectious disease of a person, drugs will simply not act, they will not be effective. It will be necessary to look for more and more powerful and new drugs. And this time. And the price of this time is often the lives of people.

In the analysis of one of the carcasses, four complete human doses of antibiotics were found. If there is such meat every day, there will be immunity to most medicines. It seems that this chicken broke into the veterinary pharmacy and ate with hunger everything that was there. No doctor in his right mind will ever prescribe such a dose to a chicken.

The Society for the Protection of Consumer Rights has repeatedly drawn the attention of government agencies to the need to monitor the use of antibiotics, both among Russian manufacturers and in import parties. But the main problem is not solved for years, no visible efforts by state bodies to establish order in this area are not undertaken, thereby jeopardizing the health of consumers. In addition, the newest antibiotics that appear on the pharmaceutical market fall under the existing requests with great delay, and existing expert methods do not allow them to be identified. Experts of the Society for the Protection of Consumer Rights believe that it is high time to revise the current SanPiN, to adopt the Techregal for meat and meat products, to update and revise the list of controlled medicines, or rather their residual quantities in finished meat raw materials and products. The claim that manufacturers use antibiotics throughout the world is wrong at the root. There are examples of countries that use antimicrobials strictly for therapeutic purposes. And there it is strictly controlled by the state, in contrast to our country.

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