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Collagen is important not only for youthful skin, but for a long and healthy life

24 December 2014, 09:00

Collagen - a well-known anti-wrinkle remedy, according to experts, will help increase life expectancy. In several studies, experts have discovered a gene that is associated with youth and flexibility, and, they assumed, with longevity.

The study was conducted on round worms (Caenorhabditis elegans), which scientists tried to maximally prolong life, and they used a variety of approaches (including reduction of diet and use of rapamycin).

As the life expectancy of worms increased, specialists detected a high activity of genes that were responsible for the production of collagen and other elements that support organs, soft tissues, bone tissue.

At the Harvard Medical School, where the study was conducted, Professor Keith Bdekewell noted that, during attempts to prolong the life of worms, the activity of collagen genes increased markedly. If the expression of genes is disturbed, life, presumably, can be significantly reduced, since the basic structures in connective tissue occupy about 1/3 of all proteins.

With age, the degradation of the basic substance of the cell begins, which is why collagen is associated with many diseases (kidney, heart and blood vessels, diabetes mellitus).

The secrets of longevity are of interest to specialists in various fields, for example, psychologists are sure that people who have a purpose in life or occupation, live much longer than those who retired and have not found themselves pursuing their liking.

At the same time, experts are sure that after retirement, a person does not need to look for a new job, it is enough to engage in volunteer activities or take part in a long-term project. The goal is not so important, experts from the University of Carleton say, the main thing is that the hobby was fun and fun.

According to the theory of psychologists, people who have a goal in life in middle age, often lead a healthy lifestyle, which, in their opinion, will help to achieve the tasks.

Also, experts argue that the earlier a person has set a goal, the earlier he comes to a decision to start a healthy lifestyle.  

Experts came to this conclusion after observing six thousand volunteers. At the beginning of the study, a survey was conducted among the participants to find out whether they have a purpose in life, what attitudes in the relationship, emotions.

In 14 years after the poll, 9% of the participants died. Scientists have found out that mainly those participants who had no purpose in life who complained of negativity in relations, anger, fatigue, and depressed state died.

Analyzing the data, the specialists came to the conclusion that after retirement I did not retire, they had a significant deterioration in their general state of health, because they lost their occupation, which organized their entire life.

But experts say that finding a goal and a favorite occupation is important not only for retired people, but also for young people.

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Education: Kiev National Medical University. A.A. Bogomolets, Specialty - "General Medicine"

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The latest research relating Collagen is important not only for youthful skin, but for a long and healthy life

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