Carbohydrate diet will help to become slimmer

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09 October 2012, 09:00

The notion that carbohydrates are dangerous enemies of a slender figure is actually just a myth, to dispel which is called the dietary bestseller The Carb Lovers Diet. In this book you will find about carbohydrates maximum information.

This book became a revelation, because recently people who wanted to lose weight did not allow themselves to eat bread, or pasta, potatoes, but it turned out that this not only does not harm the figure, but, on the contrary, makes it slim and smart.

How does this happen?

Carbohydrates to carbohydrates are different. For example, simple carbohydrates such as glucose, sucrose and fructose are the main source of energy for the body and are easily digested. In order to recharge, you need to drink a cup of sweet tea or eat some donut. However, all that is superfluous, and extra is all that exceeds 100 grams per day, can lead to a set of excess weight or obesity.

Complex carbohydrates, getting into our body are absorbed longer. These include dextrins and starch.

Nutritionists from the United States, after studying the process of splitting complex carbohydrates, came to the conclusion that they are useful, in particular starch, namely, stable starch RS resistant starch. In our body, there are no enzymes that can break it, so it acts as fiber of fiber, improving the digestive function and stimulating the formation of fatty acids. And this in turn helps to burn fat in the abdomen, which helps a person lose weight, while leaving muscle mass in place.

This type of starch is found in beans, potatoes, pasta from hard wheat varieties and beans.

In order to lose weight, while enjoying your favorite dish of potatoes and pasta, some knowledge about the existence of this type of starch is not enough. To fulfill the cherished dream of the majority - it is tasty to eat and lose weight - a clear system of dietary nutrition is needed, where not only the chemical composition of daily food products, but also their way of preparation, quantity, combination with other products, as well as the amount of caloric intake and energy consumption during the day.

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