Antibiotics pose a serious danger to humanity

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28 January 2013, 09:12

British scientists warn: humanity is threatened by a catastrophe, which by its significance can be compared with global warming. The problem of modern medicine is that the widespread use of antibiotics promotes the development of immunity in bacteria that cause disease. Thus, bacteria are becoming more resistant to antibiotic medications, which are used by medics and medications, do not work with every day.

Pathogens of various diseases acquire immunity to antibiotics and can even produce their own antibodies. Scientists argue that the resistance of bacteria to antibiotics can become a real catastrophe that can lead to the rapid death of mankind. Famous British doctors believe that there is a real reason for panic, since with this development of events, in 25 years it will be impossible to successfully carry out a simple operation to amputate a limb. Known antibiotics can not cope with the infection, and new drugs simply can not be. The scale of the problem is so great precisely because simple operations that have become routine today will become unrealistic.

Antibiotics - this is one of the most significant medical discoveries of the 19th century. They are substances of natural or semi-artificial origin, capable of suppressing the growth of mobile cells. In medicine, antibiotics have been used as medicines after research has shown that they can slow growth and limit the multiplication of harmful bacteria.

Doctors believe that the main reason for the occurrence of such a serious problem can be only too often and ineffective use of antibiotics. Doctors, who everywhere prescribe antibiotics to their patients, themselves "grow" resistant infections. A separate problem is that in many countries antibiotics are sold without a prescription and people, regardless of the disease and the necessary treatment, stuff themselves and their loved ones with medications without special need. With incompetent antibiotic treatment, there is a risk that in the future the bacteria, once ingested, will become completely insensitive to the drug.

A vivid example may be that at the moment doctors can only name one antibiotic, which is able to have an effect on the bacillus of a venereal disease like gonorrhea. Scientists suggest that tuberculosis can be considered the next global example . The disease in our time is quite common, but with this development of events in the next few years there will be no known antibiotic able to cope with the disease.

Experts from England are convinced that modern medicine can hinder the catastrophic development of events only after taking serious measures. First, uncontrolled sale of antibiotics should be banned, secondly, antibiotics should be used more rationally during the uncomplicated treatment of patients, and thirdly, in the western laboratories, studies were started to test the sensitivity of bacteria and their susceptibility to various substances.

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