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Where to make ultrasound in pregnancy?

31 May 2015, 18:00

Where do ultrasound in pregnancy topical issue for parents. Ultrasound examination performed by a physician, usually at 12-14 weeks, and in the second and third trimesters. Diagnosis is necessary to monitor pregnancy and fetal development. It can be used to identify pathologies and disorders at an early stage.

  • If the diagnosis is carried out on a 5-8 week, its aim to confirm the fact of pregnancy and the mounting location of the ovum. The doctor finds out the viability of the fetus, that is the motor activity and the presence of heart rate. It is mandatory measurement membranes, as well as clarification of the placenta and the state of water.
  • At 12-14 week ultrasound at the doctor obtains the expected date of delivery and precise gestation. Measure the thickness of the neck area, because the rates are lower or higher than normal, may indicate the presence of chromosomal disorders.
  • On the 22-24 week ultrasound is used to exclude a variety of abnormalities in the developing fetus. Examines the state of the placenta and water are compared with the corresponding size of the fetus development period. During this period, you can determine the sex of the baby.
  • In the last trimester, ie 32-34 week study aims to test the same parameters as in the previous diagnosis. The doctor examines the fetal position with respect to labor, the possibility of cord entanglement, activity and health baby. Results of the study are needed for the delivery of the plan.


  • Clinic "Medicom" women's consultation - Str. Borschagivska, 129/131, tel. (044) 503-05-55.
  • Institute of Clinical Medicine - Str. Getmana Vadima, 3, tel. (044) 503-66-30.
  • Clinic "MedErbis" - street Okipnoi Raisa, 10B, tel. (044) 569-01-22.
  • Medical Center "Sinegro honey" - st. Vishnyakovsky, 13, tel. (044) 577-08-62.
  • "Uniklinika" - st. Obolonskaya quay 11, housing 2, tel. (044) 379-19-11.


  • Clinic "Doctor Ozone" - st. Starokachalovskaya, 6, tel. (495) 711-01-65.
  • Clinic "Happy Family" - st. Minsk, 1G, tel. (495) 788-97-99.
  • multidisciplinary network of clinics "Your Health" - street. Pererva, 52/1, tel. (495) 649-23-16.
  • Medical Center "Vitamed" - st. Seslavinskaya, 10, tel. (495) 971-60-17.
  • Medical Center "Woman's World" - Rublevskoe, 81/2, tel. (495) 777-38-48.

St. Petersburg:

  • Family Medicine Clinic "MEDI on Nevsky" - Nevsky Prospect, 82, tel. (812) 777-00-00.
  • Medical Center "Professor" - st. Tchaikovsky, 42, tel. (812) 272-70-24.
  • Research Institute of Obstetrics and Gynecology named D. O. Otta - Mendeleev line 3, tel. (812) 325-32-20.
  • Perinatal Center "Rodd number 2 on Furshtatskaya" - st. Furshtatskaya 36A, tel. (812) 458-76-76.
  • Fetal Medicine Center (Prenatal Genetic Center) - 14th Line of Vasilyevsky Island, 7, tel. (812) 677-14-08.

Where to make 3D ultrasound?

Where to 3d, as a rule, are interested in the future parents. Since the last time the diagnostic method is very popular because it allows you to look at the baby in the womb. But 3d diagnostics is used not only in gynecology, and in the study of all organs and body systems. Ultrasound 3d - this volume ultrasonography and its difference from the two-dimensional study is that it shows a three-dimensional image of the test body. The range of application of this technology is broad, it is used in obstetrics and gynecology, urology, surgery, cardiology and even in endocrinology.

Especially popular this procedure uses in obstetrics, as it gives a unique opportunity to follow the development of the fetus and to know the future baby's sex. Most often, the diagnosis is carried out to 12 and 30-34 weeks of gestation. At the same time carry out a study on the best direction and the doctor's permission. During the SPL if desired future parents the doctor takes pictures of a baby movements.

Consider the popular clinics and medical centers that provide service 3d ultrasound.


  • Clinic of Reproductive Medicine «BioTexCom» - Str. Otto Schmidt, 2/6, tel. (044) 592-66-03.
  • Institute of Genetics and Reproduction - Str. Zoological, 3D, tel. (044) 223-48-88.
  • Problems of family planning clinic - Prospekt the red star, 17, tel. (044) 244-77-53.
  • Clinic "Omega-Kiev" - Str. Vladimir, 81, Tel. (044) 287-33-17.
  • Clinic "Isis" - Boulevard I.Lepse, 65, tel. (044) 251-21-01.


  • Fetal Medicine Center - Str. Myasnitskaya, 32, tel. (495) 532-90-00.
  • Network clinics "Family Doctor" - Polyclinics №1, ul. Vorontsovskaya 19A, tel. (495) 780-07-71.
  • Clinic "Doctor Ozone" - Khoroshevskoe highway, 72, tel. (495) 941-45-61.
  • Clinic "Medline Service" - Warsaw highway, 158, tel. (495) 387-00-00.
  • Medical Women's Health Center - Kutuzovsky Prospekt, 33, tel. (495) 797-78-25.

St. Petersburg:

  • Center for ultrasound diagnostic ultrasound 21st century - Str. Alder, 6, tel. (812) 342-89-05.
  • Clinic "Dr Med" - St. Petersburg highway, 48, tel. (812) 386-99-81.
  • Perinatal Center, Maternity hospital № 2 on Furshtatskaya - Str. Furshtatskaya 36A, tel. (812) 458-76-76.
  • Prenatal Genetic Center, Women's consultation №5 - Str. Ordzhonikidze, 21, tel. (812) 920-26-24.
  • Central Clinic "Scandinavia" - Foundry Avenue, 55A, tel. (812) 600-77-77.

Where do 4D ultrasound?

Where do 4d ultrasound, and what is the difference of this study from this kind of diagnosis? Thus, ultrasound and 4d 3 delimit very conditional, because it is possible to obtain 3d images in the research process, and 4e - a photo and video. That is, 4d ultrasound - a diagnostic in movie mode. In addition, if the conventional ultrasound is done for 15-20 minutes, then 4d diagnosis takes 30 to 60 minutes. If ultrasound is performed for pregnant, its advantage is that it can detect a variety of defects and pathologies in the fetus. With the help of an ultrasound study of organs and tissues it is possible to accurately diagnose the disease in the future to make the right treatment.

But referring to the clinic or medical center for ultrasound 4d, it is worth wondering about what kind of equipment that is used by the scanner, is not harmful if it is for the body and what makes the pictures. Like any other method of diagnosis, ultrasound is best done at the doctor's direction. First, having the direction of the diagnosis can go free, since some hospitals have machines for an ultrasound. And secondly, the doctor's advice to facilitate the work of similar research professionals involved in SPL.


  • Metropolitan Hospital (based on Hippocrates Clinic) - st. Lepse, 4A, tel. (044) 599-00-03.
  • Institute for Family Planning (IPF) - Str. Platon Mayboroda, 8.
  • Clinic "Omega-Kiev" - Str. Vladimir, 81, Tel. (044) 287-33-17.
  • Clinic "Charm" - st. Zoology, 3, tel. (044) 390-03-03.
  • Clinic "Ultrasaund Pro" - st. Baggovutovskaya, 38, tel. (044) 331-91-11.


  • Center for Immunology and Reproduction - Str. Lublin, 112.
  • Medical Center "Hope" - st. Khabarovsk, 4, tel. (495) 603-78-12.
  • Medical Center "Peter's Gate" - Kolobovsky lane, 4, tel. (495) 125-28-46.
  • Polyclinic №4 «Family Doctor" - st. Medynskaya, 9, tel. (495) 775-47-06.
  • Center "Delta Clinic" - lane mentoring, 6, tel. (495) 984-06-14.

St. Petersburg:

  • Meditsentr - walkway Polikarpov 6, the housing 2, tel. (812) 640-55-25.
  • Medical Center "Profimed" - Gagarin Avenue, 1, tel. (812) 336-29-55.
  • Clinic "Doctor" - Prospect Bolsheviks, ul. Lazo, 5, tel. (812) 577-69-60.
  • Perinatal Center, Maternity Hospital №2 on Furshtatskaya - Str. Furshtatskaya 36A, tel. (812) 458-76-76.
  • Perinatal Genetics Center, Women's consultation №22 - Str. Siqueiros, 10/2, tel. (812) 908-35-55.

Where do ultrasound of the fetus?

Where do ultrasound of the fetus and of the duration of pregnancy can pass this study, we consider the particular procedure. Thus, fetal ultrasound is the main diagnostic method used during pregnancy. The number of procedures and frequency to be determined by a gynecologist, a woman watching. Depending on the duration of pregnancy, ultrasound has a different purpose, but as a rule, the number of planned procedures are not more than 5-6 times.

Fetal ultrasound performed on 5-7 week of pregnancy. Research is needed to assess fetal development and fetal malformations exception. At 11-13 weeks the study of the heart, and for 19-21 week fetal size, the state of the placenta and determine the sex of the unborn child. At 32-34 weeks, ie in the last trimester of pregnancy, ultrasound diagnosis is necessary to determine the approximate weight of the child, the state of the umbilical cord and commensurability of the birth canal of women and the baby's head. Using ultrasonic scanning unable to prevent possible complications during the descent process.

The main types of fetal ultrasound and a technique of their conduct:

  • transabdominal

In carrying out this type of research probe is placed on the abdomen of the future mother. Ultrasound examination is carried out with the full bladder. 2 hours before the procedure, the woman must drink at least a liter of fluid and do not go to the toilet.

  • Transvaginalьnoe

Ultrasound probe is inserted into the vagina, the woman's bladder must be empty. Unlike transabdominal, this study is more accurate. But increasingly, women resort to ultrasound in 3D and 4D format that allows to visualize the unborn baby on the monitor screen.

In addition to routine checkups, pregnant may be assigned unscheduled fetal ultrasonography. The main indications for its conduct: abdominal pain and bleeding from the genital tract. Particular attention should be paid to the fact that the US is not harmful for the child and does not affect its normal development.

In Kiev:

  • A network of health clinics «Viva» - Str. Lavrukhina, 6, tel. (044) 238-20-20.
  • "Capital Clinic" - st. Lepse, 4A, tel. (044) 454-04-44.
  • Clinic of Reproductive Medicine "Hope" - st. Maksima Krivonosa, 19A, tel. (044) 537-75-97.
  • Medical Center "Atlanta" - st. Dragomanov, 17, tel. (044) 572-00-60.
  • Medical Center «K.MEDICAL GROUP» - Str. Mezhigorskaya, 87A, tel. (044) 545-63-15.

In Moscow:

  • Fetal Medicine Center - Str. Myasnitskaya, 32, tel. (495) 215-12-15.
  • Medical Center "Onmed" - st. 7th Park, 19, tel. (495) 231-20-71.
  • Specialized clinic "Center for Women's Health" - Kutuzovsky Prospekt, 33, tel. (495) 790-07-79.
  • Medical Center "Home Clinic" - Leninsky Prospect, 102, tel. (499) 133-53-85.
  • Polyclinic № 1 "Family Doctor" - st. Vorontsovskaya 19A, tel. (495) 125-27-69.

In St. Petersburg:

  • Medical Center "Health" - Queen Avenue 48/5, tel. (812) 306-27-72.
  • Ultrasound Diagnostic Center - Prospect Drummers, 21, tel. (812) 244-53-34.
  • Clinic "Aymed" - st. Stakhanovite, 13, tel. (812) 389-20-16.
  • Medical Center "March" - the prospectus Small VO, 54/3, tel. (812) 245-36-49.
  • Multidisciplinary medical center "Grunge" - st. Marat, 25A, tel. (812) 363-00-63.

If a pregnant woman complains of feeling unwell, a strong morning sickness or suffering from a hereditary disease patterns, then held an additional ultrasound. But as a rule, for the entire pregnancy ultrasound diagnostics is carried out from 5 to 10 times.

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