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Protein supplements are useful or dangerous?

27 October 2017, 09:00

A huge number of people around the world regularly buy protein supplements and protein powders. Athletes attending gyms, use these supplements to increase muscle, women take their diet, and many people simply consume proteins, considering a healthy food. Is it really? A similar question was first voiced following the death of a young Australian athletes Meagan Heford she adhered to high protein diet and taking protein for several years. It turned out that the woman was ill pathology that today it is very difficult to diagnose: a genetic disease associated with impaired protein digestion. The frequency of detection of this disease - one case per 8500 people. Doctors say that the quality and safety of protein supplements to virtually no oversight - as e.g., in the manufacture of medicaments. Therefore we can not say with certainty about the use of this product. At the same time Professor dietitian Ueyn Kempbell believes that the main component of the low-quality not the protein can act, and other auxiliaries. In 2010, one of the research groups conducted an audit of fifteen protein supplements. As a result, they were found too high concentrations of mercury, cadmium, lead and arsenic. Three additions of the presented products did not pass the test of conformity to American sanitary standards. However, these additives were commercially available in the public domain. Moreover, the majority of protein shakes contain more protein than that which was stated on the label. As explained by an expert nephrologist Dr. Andrzej Rastogi, for a healthy person is necessary to optimally 50-60 grams of protein per day. Collectively, this protein contains, for example, in 180-200 g of chicken. If a person abuses the protein, the kidneys at the same time experiencing a huge load - often ends up developmentkidney failure. In a special risk group are people with diabetes, pyelonephritis, as well as the elderly and children. Unfortunately, the mass consumption of protein shakes teenagers (mostly boys) for sport has become increasingly common. This question is quite painful and controversial: many experts are inclined to believe that the risk - even for the sake of sport, - not quite justified. "We often explain to parents that the quality and composition of the protein supplements are not controlled, and excess protein injure the kidneys. The child is quite capable of getting the required amount of protein in food. Of course, we can not say that we belong to a protein shake as a terrible thing - no. But also to advise them we can not use ", - the doctor explains. Doctors recommend: before taking a decision on the use of protein powders, hand over analyzes and pass inspection, consult your physician and dietitian. Such survey is desirable to take place on a regular basis, if you do decide to take these supplements.

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