In Zaporozhye, a girl died as a result of a plastic surgery on her breast

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16 September 2011, 17:42

After the plastic surgery on the chest in a private Zaporozhye clinic, a 25-year-old girl died, according to the head of the regional health protection agency Motovitsa Natalia.

The girl turned to the clinic, which is located in the territory of Zaporozhye city hospital № 9 with the purpose of correction of the breast shape. The operation lasted about three hours. In 10 minutes after the operation was completed, the patient suddenly had a sudden cardiac arrest.

All resuscitation measures, which were conducted by employees of the private clinic for 12 hours, were unsuccessful. It should be noted that no one turned to the colleagues of the city hospital for help.

Forensic medical examination found that during the operation, the tip of the right lung and right subclavian artery was damaged, which caused the death of the girl. These injuries are included in the list of complications of this plastic surgery.

A criminal case was initiated under Article 140 of the Criminal Code of Ukraine (unsatisfactory performance of professional duties by a medical employee).

In the near future, a commission will be established to assess the adequacy of medical care to the patient. The commission will include employees of medical schools of Zaporozhye, pathologists, anesthetists and representatives of the Ministry of Health.

Mammoplasty (Latin mammoplastica) is a plastic surgery on the breast (the mammary gland), the essence of which is to change the shape and (or) size of the mammary gland.

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