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Vaccines necessary for routine vaccinations are coming to an end in Ukrainian polyclinics

Last reviewed by: Aleksey Portnov , medical expert, on 16.05.2018
01 April 2011, 16:49

Deficiency of medicines can lead to the fact that it becomes extremely difficult for parents to send their children to kindergartens, schools and universities.

According to the wife of Irina Ischuk, who was refused vaccination from diphtheria for her 15-year-old son, the vaccine has not been in the polyclinic for two months already. "We have decided to do it ourselves in the district clinic, but we were told that there are no vaccines at all, but without vaccination the child will not be taken to college!" The doctor already warned that we with the receipt of problems will be, "- the newspaper informed the newspaper.

As the head of the department of pediatrics of one of the Kiev polyclinics Larisa Bobrysheva said, the vaccines come irregularly and in insufficient quantities. "We have 14 sites for which we need to distribute all the vaccines, for example, we were given only 20 pentaksim (vaccination against diphtheria, tetanus, poliomyelitis) .One site received one or two vaccines per site (there should be 30-40 each)" , - says Bobrysheva.

The capital's children's doctor, Elena Moroz, says that the last inoculations to children were made in December. "The queue came to do a second vaccination, and the kids did not do the first." Parents often call, they ask when they will bring the drugs, "says the doctor.

The problem with the supply of routine vaccines is relevant for all regions of the country. "We have run out of vaccinations for children under one year, and not everyone will be able to buy them, their cost is 375 UAH," says the head physician of the Kherson polyclinic Irina Taran.

According to her, for this quarter they had hardly half the vaccination rate done. In Odessa, even over the past year, 70% of the required number of vaccines were not delivered. "For example, pentaxim was brought 46% of the declared amount," said Lyudmila Krasnitskaya, head of the epidemiological department of the regional SES. "Because of the lack of a vaccine, only 9800 children under 2 years of age have not been vaccinated against measles and rubella."

In the Verkhovna Rada Healthcare Committee, the journalists were told that the country was left without vaccinations due to tenders. There was no one, since the Ukrvaktsina state enterprise, which deals with tenders, is now engaged in court proceedings, criminal cases were opened against their employees, "says the head of the committee Tatyana Bakhteyeva.

But the Ministry of Health assures that the vaccine will last until May, and before that time everything will be fine. "There are really disruptions in some regions, we are working on a problem," said Sergei Platov, head of the immunization sector of the Ministry of Health. If the situation does not change, Ukraine may face epidemics. "If vaccines are not vaccinated in time, the previous ones will go to waste, which threatens with epidemics that occurred with diphtheria in the 1990s and measles in 2006," said immunologist Victor Malievsky.

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