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The State Drug Service of Ukraine banned the sale of more than two million medicines

07 January 2015, 09:00

The State Drug Service of Ukraine this year actively worked on one of its main functions - it controlled the quality of medicines imported from other countries. In 2005, the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine approved the order of the order of importation into the territory of Ukraine and control over the quality of imported drugs. This year, more than 65 thousand series of medicines came to specialists of the state drug service. If you compare with the past, the number of medicines imported to Ukraine from other countries decreased by 28%, and in comparison with 2012 - by 41%. In this regard, the number of issued opinions that the drugs meet the necessary standards has become significantly less.

This year, the Ministry of Health of Ukraine issued an order according to which the State Drug Service should also control the quality of imported vaccines, serums, interferons, bacteriophages, allergens and other immunobiological drugs (UPS). Such funds must comply with accepted state and international norms.

For a month, from November to December 2014, more than 80 series of UPS went to the state drug service. In December, Gosleksluzhba issued opinions on the conformity of quality to only 44 series.

During this year, the State Drug Service of Ukraine conducted more than 13,000 inspections to establish the quality of drugs that are carried to the territory of Ukraine, which is almost half as much compared to last year, and 54% less than in the year before last.

A significant reduction in the quality checks of entrepreneurs involved in the importation of medicines is explained by the adoption of the law of Ukraine, according to which the controlling bodies were limited in the number of planned inspections of business entities from August to December of this year

However, despite the restrictions, and due to the concerted actions of the State Medicinal Service and the Security Service of Ukraine, more than 60 names of medicines that were falsified were not on sale. Last year, the Gosleksluzhba banned 41 names, and in 2012 - 42.

Also this year, the number of unauthorized and inadequate medicines imported into Ukraine has increased significantly (in comparison with last year by 42%, with the last year - by 36%).

Specialists of the State Service did not allow the sale of more than two million packages with poor-quality or falsified medicines worth 102 million UAH.

The main goal of the service is to ensure that Ukrainian citizens buy only the medicines of the proper quality, and, as the head of the State Service, noted, experts will do their best to ensure that in the next year they completely cope with their duties and provide consumers with safe medicines.

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