The MOH discussed the main issues of activities for 2016

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16 May 2016, 09:20

In early May, a working meeting was held at the Ministry of Health of Ukraine, where the main issues of the Ministry's activity were discussed for the coming year, the acting chairman was the chairman. Minister of Health V.Shafransky. The meeting was commissioned by Prime Minister of Ukraine Vladimir Groisman.

The meeting was also attended by heads and freelance specialists of the Ministry of Health, heads of structural subdivisions of regional state administrations on health issues, professors from the Institute of Strategic Studies, scientists and practicing doctors.  

Chairman of the meeting Victor Shafransky at the beginning of the meeting reminded that it is necessary to discuss and work out the issues that will help in reforming the health care system, and also meet the real requirements of patients. It was also noted that there are already some developments in draft laws, regulations and other documents, but it is necessary to focus on making the population feel the qualitative changes in the provision of medical care as soon as possible.

In the course of the work, specific methods were proposed to introduce changes in the system of access to medical care by the population at a high level, with participants discussing short, medium and long-term prospects that would lead to real changes.

In particular, the meeting discussed diagnostic, preventive, therapeutic and recreational activities, the construction of a system of modern emergency medical care, the development of primary care, changing the structure of population's receipt of quality medicines, changing the public health system, financing health services and managing the health care system.

The majority of participants of the meeting agreed on the opinion that today the priority remains the issue of providing primary medical care, as well as specialized, in particular, cardiological, oncological, traumatological. An important issue is the training of specialists and new staff, the standardization of medical care and the introduction of a system of compulsory public medical insurance.

Separately, the issue of the need to improve the work of emergency medical care, in particular, the creation of operational dispatch services, provision of ambulance stations with medicines and specialized equipment, increased accessibility and quality of providing emergency medical care to the population.

Particular attention was paid to the issue of providing the population with quality and affordable medicines, which necessarily requires changes in the sphere of pharmaceutical services.

At the end of the meeting Viktor Shafransky summed up the results and instructed his colleagues in the near future to prepare all the necessary documents based on the results of the working meeting, which indicated the main directions of the Ministry of Health this year and submitted to the Prime Minister of Ukraine for consideration.

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