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Coffee with added oil will fill up energy and improve mental abilities

30 December 2014, 09:00

In Western countries, the fashion for coffee with oil is now becoming popular. It is believed that this coffee increases energy, eliminates fat deposits, improves concentration of attention. In large coffee houses in Britain and the United States, an oily coffee, called oily black or Paleolithic

Such an unusual recipe of coffee was told by the adherent of a healthy way of life Dave Asprej, who during a trip to Tibet was struck by the taste and useful properties of tea with butter from yak milk. As Dave himself assures, thanks to this drink, the body is charged with energy, which is enough for about six hours, and burning calories will occur throughout the day, to this, oily coffee improves the cognitive abilities of a person (mental function).

To make such a useful drink, you will need refined coke oil, butter (melted, unsalted). A few drops of coconut oil and 2 tablespoons of butter are kneaded in foam and added to freshly brewed coffee. Prepared in this way coffee acquires an unusual fat content and a rather specific taste. Some believe that such coffee not only will not help to normalize weight, but also lead to obesity, an increase in cholesterol, and this in turn is dangerous for the development of diseases of the heart and blood vessels.

In another study, specialists discovered unusual properties of coffee. As research has shown, coffee helps to reduce cocaine dependence, especially in women. 

It is proved that the use of cocaine provokes a change in the menstrual cycle and the hormonal background of a woman (in particular, the hormone estrogen).

In earlier studies, it was found that a high level of estrogen contributes to drug dependence, especially cocaine. Women in general are more acutely aware of even smaller doses of cocaine, compared to men.

Caffeine is able to block the changes occurring in the use of cocaine in the brain, in addition, caffeine relieves severe symptoms of drug dependence and restores the menstrual cycle.

Experts came to such conclusions after a series of studies on laboratory rodents. The head of the new research project was Professor Patricia Broderick, who noted that during the experiment in rats after cocaine, various changes in the cycle were observed. In this case, the changes typical for cocaine use did not occur if the animals received caffeine in half an hour after the drug or simultaneously with it.

During the use of cocaine in humans, there is an intensive release of dopamine (a pleasure hormone) in the brain. This is what leads to the euphoric state and leads eventually to drug dependence.

Caffeine affects the anti-stress system (adenosine), which protects against fatigue and is involved in the sleep-wake cycle. Nucleoside adenosine, which plays an important role in biochemical processes, normalizes the level of dopamine, which helps reduce the symptoms of drug dependence.

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