Americans are sure that GMO products are not solid

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09 June 2016, 11:30

In European countries, the public is opposed to eating genetically modified foods or "Frankenstein's food", the slogans of GMO opponents are stressed that new technologies are good in everything, but they can not be eaten. But in Ukraine they adhere to a different point of view and Ukrainians are convinced that GMOs are absolutely safe for the organism. This conclusion was made by specialists from the leading scientific organization of the United States. Scientists are sure that eating GMO is not dangerous and the myths that such food can lead to serious changes and malfunctions in the body is not under the soil. Researchers based on the study of data on the use of genetically modified products and found that over the past quarter century the growth of cancer or other serious diseases has not been fixed, experts also noted that neither animals nor man, such products do not cause large-scale harm to health, but rather, products with the genome of Bacillus thuringiensis protecting the plant from insects is not contaminated with insecticides and more productive. At the same time, the researchers noted that new varieties of agricultural plants should be carefully checked for safety, no matter what method they were taken.

According to experts, to use the trade of such products on a large scale today is difficult, because of the differences in legislation of different countries.

Recently, in Ukraine, actively promoted GMO products, focusing on recent research confirming their safety for human health. On the air of one of the programs on Channel 5, Ukrainian academician A. Kolyada even noted that GMOs are more useful to humans than organic ones, since the latter are literally covered with pesticides, which not only are harmful but also significantly increase the cost of products.

The company for the prognosis of GMO products began in Ukraine since the time when Western companies became interested in the country's agriculture. By the way, one of the conditions of the IMF, which provides credit assistance to Ukraine, was every assistance in promoting new technologies, which sometimes can strike a sensible person. For example, in the US specialists have recently grown a two-headed cob of corn, which affects its giant size and has 50% more grains in its bifurcated cobs.

In Ukraine, in all likelihood, GMO products will soon fill the store shelves, which in the US have been recognized as completely safe for humans, however, studies that would really confirm the safety of such products are not available and scientists can not accurately answer the question of what kind of offspring will be and will be Whether in general at those who uses in food a two-headed corn.

Because of the protests of supporters of "normal" food in Europe, the country's leadership even refused to enter into an agreement with the US on a free trade zone that would send cheap American GMO products to Europe. It is worth noting that Washington is seriously intending to change the European laws, so that the requirements are less stringent. By the way, experts published a report on the safety of GMO products on time.  

As for Ukraine, there will not be long-term persuasion, since 2014 the company "Monsanto", one of the leaders in plant biotechnology, has become actively involved in the country. By the way, the company "Monsanto" in the west is literally inundated with claims, but in Ukraine for it and its similar companies all the conditions for work are created.

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