Painful suppositories for hemorrhoids

Recommended local medicine for the removal of pain symptoms of inflammation of the nodes formed in the anorectal area, in the first place, include anesthetic candles with hemorrhoids.

Indications of anesthetic candles for hemorrhoids

Indications for use of drugs of this pharmacologic antigemorroidalnyh group - sensation of pain in the anus, including during and after bowel movements.

Among the most popular and effective tools necessary to note such names analgesic suppositories for hemorrhoids as Anestezol, Anuzol (Neo-Anuzol), candles with belladonna, Betiol, Proktozan Neo Proktoglivenol, Doloprokt.


Analgesic suppositories for hemorrhoids are applied topically and for the analgesic effect they have local anesthetics in their composition - substances that either reduce the sensitivity of painful afferent receptors of nerve fibers, or interfere with the transmission of painful nerve impulses.

Pharmacodynamics of analgesic action of candles Anestezol is based on the action of benzocaine, as well as menthol (whose content in one suppository is 25 times less than benzocaine). Benzocaine (synonymous with anesthesin) - ethyl ester of para-aminobenzoic acid - blocks the transmission of nerve signals by reducing the permeability of synaptic membranes for Na +. The localizing properties of menthol are less pronounced and are manifested by irritation of the nerve endings of the cold receptors of the rectal mucosa.

Analgesic suppositories for hemorrhoids Proctosan Neo, Proctoglienol and Doloproct contain lidocaine in the form of hydrochloride (α-diethylamino-2,6-dimethylacetanilide hydrochloride), which acts in the same way as benzocaine. In addition, Proctozan Neo suppositories contain NPVS buffeksamak, which blocks cyclooxygenase, reducing the synthesis of prostaglandins and the activity of neurotransmitters.

The analgesic effect of the candles Anuzol, Betiol, and candles with belladonna is due to the content of the extract of the medicinal plant Atropa belladonna L (belladonna). Atropine alkaloid reduces the sensitivity of the cholinoceptors of nerve endings, which causes a temporary disabling of local parasympathetic innervation in the area of rectal suppository application.

Local anesthetic properties of the belladonna extract in the candles of Betiol are enhanced by ihtamol (ichthyol), which also reduces pain in hemorrhoids.


According to the official instruction, the pharmacokinetics of the drug Anestezol has not been studied, although it is known that the benzocaine included in these suppositories acts quickly, but for a short time, it is absorbed weakly into the mucous membranes, but nevertheless found in the blood plasma. Benzocaine partially destroys in the blood, the rest - in the liver, and the products of metabolism are excreted from the body by the kidneys.

Producers of Candles with bellies, Anuzol and Betiol pharmacokinetics of drugs have not been studied, since it is believed that the local application of the belladonna extract does not cause systemic effects.

Lidocaine, which contains anesthetic suppositories for the hemorrhoids Proctozan Neo, Proctoglivenol and Doloproct, according to the instructions to these drugs, is absorbed by 24%, and its highest concentration in plasma is noted two hours after the application of the candles. Biotransformation of lidocaine occurs in the liver (by hydroxylation), metabolites (4-hydroxy-2,6-xylidine) are excreted in the urine.


Included in the review of analgesic suppositories with hemorrhoids have the following contraindications for use:

Anestezol - individual hypersensitivity to amide anesthetics, age to 18 years.

Anusole, Candles with belladonna, Betiol - prostatic adenoma, dysuria, thyrotoxicosis, chronic heart failure, ischemic heart disease, atrial fibrillation and tachycardia, hypertension, intestinal atony, progressive autoimmune muscle weakness (myasthenia gravis), acute bleeding, glaucoma, age up to 14 years. The use of drugs with belladonna extract requires caution in the management of vehicles and mechanisms.

Proctosan Neo - atopic dermatitis, tuberculosis, syphilis, age under 18 years.

Proctoglivenol - individual sensitivity to components, age to 18 years.

Doloproct - shingles, tuberculosis, syphilis, children and adolescence.

Use of anesthetic candles for hemorrhoids during pregnancy:

Anusole and Proctosan Neo are contraindicated.

Proctoglivenol and Doloproct are prohibited in the first trimester, in II and III are prescribed in cases where the expected benefit to the mother is higher than the potential risk to the fetus.

Anestesol, Candles with belladonna, Betiol - exclusively for the doctor's appointment, taking into account the likely risks for the unborn child.

Side effects of anesthetic candles for hemorrhoids

Manufacturers indicate the side effects, which can cause pain relievers candles for hemorrhoids:

Anestezol - skin rash, itching, rash, burning sensation in the anus, the problem with chair, disorders of the blood (after prolonged use).

Anuzol, candles with belladonna, Betiol - dry mouth, thirst, stool disorders, urinary retention, hives, itchy skin, headache, abdominal pain, increased heart rate, convulsions, temporary blurred vision, increased jitters.

Proktozan Neo Proktoglivenol and Doloprokt - skin rash and itching, burning sensation in the anorectal region.

Dosing and administration

The only way to use anesthetic candles for hemorrhoids is rectal. It is recommended to insert a candle into the rectum after defecation or cleansing enema.

Anestezol is administered one suppository 1-2 times a day. Anusole, Candles with belladonna, Betiol - one candle 2-3 times a day; the maximum daily dose of Anuzol - 7 suppositories, Candles with belladonna and Betiola - 10.

Anesthetic suppositories for hemorrhoids Proctosan Neo, Proctoglivenol and Doloproct should be used twice a day for one piece. You can not use Proctozan Neo for more than a week, and the maximum duration of Doloproct treatment with candles is 14 days.


In the instructions for the drugs Anestezol and Proctoglivenol, it is noted that "there have been no reports of an overdose of the drug, and the overdose of Proctozan Neo (for rectal administration) is not possible.

If some candle manufacturers Anuzol claim that there is no evidence of an overdose of the drug, the instructions of other manufacturers state that overdose leads to an increase in the manifestations of adverse reactions (see earlier).

Signs of an overdose of Candles with belladonna and Betiol can be manifested by dysuria, a feeling of drying in the mouth and thirst, rapid heart rate, psychomotor agitation, etc.

Interactions with other drugs

Pharmacologically significant interactions with other suppository preparations Anestezol, Betiol, Proctozan Neo and Proctoglyvenol are not indicated in the instructions.

Analgesic action of suppositories Anusolum decreases at simultaneous use of laxative preparations, means against a heartburn, preparations Metocloprom and ketoconazole.

It is not recommended to use Candles with belladonna combined with antihistamines, cardiothoric drugs based on Digitalis (Digoxin, Digitoxin, Cordigit, etc.), beta-adrenostimulators, barbiturates and tricyclic antidepressants.

To avoid possible violations of the heart rhythm, anesthetizing candles for hemorrhoids Doloproct is contraindicated to use if antiarrhythmic drugs are taken.

Storage conditions

All pain relievers with hemorrhoids should be stored in a place protected from light; Anestezol, Anuzol and Betiol - at a temperature of + 10-15 ° C; Candles with belladonna, Proctozan Neo, Proctoglivenol and Doloproct - at a temperature not higher than + 25 ° С.

Shelf life

Shelf life of candles Anuzol, Betiol, candles with belladonna, Doloprokt is 2 years; Anestezol - 3 years; Proktozan Neo Proktoglivenol - 5 years.

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To simplify the perception of information, this instruction for use of the drug "Painful suppositories for hemorrhoids" translated and presented in a special form on the basis of the official instructions for medical use of the drug. Before use read the annotation that came directly to medicines.

Description provided for informational purposes and is not a guide to self-healing. The need for this drug, the purpose of the treatment regimen, methods and dose of the drug is determined solely by the attending physician. Self-medication is dangerous for your health.

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