Green Diet: Essence, Feedback and Results

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Last reviewed: 16.10.2021

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Among the many different weight loss diets, the green diet is very popular. This is the name of the food system in which only raw vegetables and green fruits are present. This option is suitable for those who are not too radically want to change the shape, but only to correct, lose weight a little, lose a few kilograms.

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General information of the green diet

The peculiarity of the green diet is that in the main meals, in addition to other dietary products, there should be salads from green vegetables or whole berries, fruits of the same color.

For example, sweet peppers or apples come in different colors, but choose one. This is explained by several factors: many of them contain tartronic acid, which slows down lipogenesis - the conversion of carbohydrates into fats, and the psychological aspect is also important - bright colors cause appetite more.

Japanese diet with green tea

One of the extreme diets is Japanese with green tea. This is the case when you need to "sew up your mouth on the lock," because the daily caloric intake of food reaches 500 kcal, with a daily need of 1800-2400, depending on age, sex and type of activity. The promised "reward" - minus 8-10kg for 2 weeks of hardships.

Its main point is that it should be carried out in a clear sequence with the recommendations: not to change products for others, not to salt, not to use sugar, to drink a lot of water and green tea.

Green tea is rich in antioxidants, vitamins and trace elements. It helps break down fat cells and remove them from the body. Drink it in between meals.

Well-brewed teas are of health value. A glass of water will need 2 teaspoons of raw materials. It is brewed not by boiling water, but by water 80 0. You can drink both hot and cold.

Among the acceptable foods are lean fish, dietary meat, various vegetable salads, preferably cabbage, carrot, tomatoes and juice from them, zucchini cooked, boiled eggs.

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Diet geisha on rice and green tea

Not only geishas, of whom very few remain in Japan, but all Japanese women have a slim, toned figure, good complexion, their hair is shine. The secret of this appearance is attributed to the peculiarities of the national cuisine, and it causes an increased interest of nutritionists from all over the world.

The basis of their diet is rice, fish and seafood, as well as traditional tea drinking. The diet of geisha on rice and green tea consists of frequent meals in small portions, consisting of only a few components: brown unpolished rice, seafood, fruits, vegetables, tea, and milk.

It is quite strict, therefore it is recommended only for 5 days. There are 8 amino acids in rice, it effectively cleanses the gastrointestinal tract, seafood will ensure that the body is saturated with many micro and macro elements, and milk with calcium. It can be drunk both separately and with tea.

The program of weight loss is accompanied by massage, various cosmetic procedures, water treatments.


Green Bhajana Yoga Diet

The task of yoga is to achieve harmony between body and soul. This is done, including, and cleansing the body from the products of human activity, weight loss, the acquisition of lightness in the body.

The duration of the Bhajana Yoga Green Diet is 40 days. For those who first resort to this system of losing weight, it is better to start with 10 days. Already 2 weeks before its beginning, you need to change your usual diet, eliminating from it meat, spicy dishes, milk, various pastries, and alcohol.

Diet involves three meals a day, based on nuts, fruits, seeds, vegetables, green. Eating should be done in a good mood, and on an empty stomach to practice yoga.

Diet on green apples

The apple diet attracts many with its budget, availability, it allows you to drop to 7kg in just a week. The menu for every day, only apples, water and green tea. The first 2 days - 1.5 kg, the next 2 - 2 kg, then 1 day - 1.5 kg, the last - 1 kg each. For those who cannot withstand such restrictions, it is allowed to eat a slice of rye bread per day.

To weight could not return, you must adhere to a healthy diet in the future.


Diet with green coffee

Drink of green beans coffee, drunk on an empty stomach for half an hour before a meal, can reduce appetite. It is prepared this way: the grains are crushed, passing first through a meat grinder, then a coffee grinder. A teaspoon of coffee is poured with a glass of water, removed from the heat, bringing to a boil. The diet itself can be based on any chosen food system. If coffee before dinner leads to sleep disturbance, then you need to give it up in the evening.

Diet on green buckwheat

To achieve weight loss, green buckwheat is often used. We are accustomed to thermally processed brown, but this fact reduces its nutritional value. Slow carbohydrates in its composition due to the large amount of fiber are long converted into other fractions, so the cereal is well saturated, gives energy and vitality, improves digestion.

Green buckwheat is used in germinated form. For this, the grains are well washed, the bottom of the colander is covered with gauze, croup is laid on it, there is another layer of gauze on top. "Construction" is watered with water and placed in a warm place for 9-10 hours. Then buckwheat again zanurivayut in water for 6 hours. During this time, it germinates.

It is recommended to eat a tablespoon of such grains on an empty stomach before breakfast every day, drinking plenty of water. This is the way metabolic processes are launched. From one spoon, the weight does not go away, you still need to follow a diet, enter physical activity. Sprouted grains can also be added to consumable foods, such as salads, soups.

There is a separate monodiet, including buckwheat and kefir. Such a diet for 5 days is very effective in reducing weight. With these two components, you can simply arrange fasting days.

Diet on green smoothies

Smoothie in translation from English means homogeneous, soft. Grinding various green vegetables, fruits, berries in a blender, adding other useful ingredients there, get a composition that can charge with energy without accumulating fat.

The optimal ratio of fruits and vegetables is 60% and 40%, respectively. As a useful supplement, you can use a small amount of vegetable fat (olive, coconut, avocado), proteins, bran, oatmeal, nuts.

For smoothies, it is best to take vegetables such as cucumber, cabbage, leafy salads, arugula, spinach, celery, parsley, basil. Bananas, honey, dates will add sweetness. Fruits and berries can be both fresh and frozen.

Diet on green smoothies involves the consumption of other low-calorie foods: meat, fish, cereals, cooked dietary method. Morning should start with a smoothie, as well as consume it as a snack.

Kiwi Green Diet

For the main component of mono-diet, as a rule, use a product that is rich in many nutrients and has fat burning properties. In the case of kiwi, it is also very tasty.

This exotic fruit appeared in our trading networks not so long ago, but already won deserved love. It tastes like strawberries and is not inferior in quality to it. It contains vitamins A, C, K, E, group B, including folic acid, iron, magnesium, potassium, zinc, phosphorus, flavonoids, fiber.

It is very useful to arrange fasting days on kiwi and water, there is a diet for 3 days, for a week. Eating a three-day diet consists of the fruit itself, green tea and water. In the week there are other products. Daily ration - 1kg of kiwi and half a kilo in the aggregate of such foods as low-fat cottage cheese, lean meat or fish, vegetables with low starch content.

Diet on green vegetables

Developed a lot of diets with a variety of green vegetables, bringing real results in weight loss. Among them are:

  • on green canned peas - well nourishes, cleans the intestines, speeds up the metabolism, has a low calorie (53kkal). Its good to use as a side dish for dietary meat;
  • on green beans - pod used, in 100g of which only 23 kcal. It allows you to maneuver with dishes, because it can be used as a salad, side dish, soup ingredient;
  • on green onions - practically the first greens after winter - onions feathers. We love to add them to salads, soups and borscht when serving, we can just eat a bit of something with something. And not in vain, because it is a good means of combating vitamin deficiency, to enhance immunity, strengthen the walls of blood vessels. In addition to many vitamins and minerals, it contains flavonoids, essential oils and volatile production. Although mono-diet on it is impossible, but adding in the raw ground form in food will bear fruit;
  • green radish in the diet - the word "radish" is associated with a bitter poisonous taste, but in the case of green it is not at all so. Soft, juicy, a little tart will pleasantly surprise many with a sense of freshness. She has unique cleansing properties, she will clean the intestines, kidneys, liver, bring out bad cholesterol. Potassium, magnesium in its composition will strengthen the heart muscle, blood vessels, and numerous vitamins will have a positive impact on overall health. It finds its use in diets in the form of a separate salad, lightly seasoned with lemon juice, olive oil, as well as in others.

Detailed menu for every day

How to organize your diet, if the green ingredients are not the main product of the diet, but only complement it? Consider the example of a diet on green tea for 14 days. In addition to the increased consumption of the drink (1.5 l) these days, you need to think of a balanced menu with healthy and healthy food, whose daily caloric content would not exceed 700-800 kcal. It may be:

The first days of each week.

  • Breakfast: low fat cottage cheese (150g).
  • Lunch: 2 boiled eggs, vegetable stew with vegetable oil.
  • Dinner: steamed fish with a garnish of fresh vegetables.

2nd days.

  • Breakfast: 2 toasts with hard cheese.
  • Lunch: baked fish with salad from fresh white cabbage, carrots, bell pepper.
  • Dinner: boiled chicken breast, broccoli for garnish.

3 days.

  • Breakfast: a few pieces of galetny cookies, tea.
  • Lunch: steamed vegetables (zucchini, eggplant, onions, carrots, cabbage).
  • Dinner: boiled beef, 2 eggs, salad greens.

4th days.

  • Breakfast: cottage cheese.
  • Lunch: egg, shabby carrot, dressed with sour cream.
  • Dinner: fruit salad, sprinkled with low fat yogurt without additives.

5th days.

  • Breakfast: 2 diet bread with honey.
  • Lunch: boiled fish with fresh vegetables.
  • Dinner: vegetable salad.

6th days.

  • Breakfast: a few crackers prepared by themselves from the loaf.
  • Lunch: chicken meat, boiled vegetables.
  • Dinner: 2 eggs, a salad of boiled green beans.

7th days.

  • Breakfast: hard cheese, green apple.
  • Lunch: boiled meat, green peas.
  • Supper: grapefruit.

To reduce periods of time without food, you can drink tea, distribute the daily volume of food to more frequent receptions, eat a low-calorie vegetable or fruit, for example, a cucumber or an apple.


Dish recipes

As in the favor of the green diet vegetables and fruits, let's fantasize about the dishes from them. Here are some recipes for green salads:

  • salad leaves are torn by hands into smaller pieces, cucumber, tomato, sweet pepper is cut, lightly dressed with oil, sprinkled with sesame seeds;
  • white cabbage is chopped, rubbed with hands with a handful of salt, a carrot, a green apple, many chopped dill and parsley are rubbed into it. Everything is mixed, lemon juice, vegetable oil is added for sourness;
  • washed and dried arugula is laid out on a plate, sliced cherry tomatoes, olives, cheese, sprinkled with lemon juice and vegetable oil are added into 2 parts;
  • Asparagus bean pods are boiled, discarded in a colander and cooled under cold water or placed in a bowl of ice to preserve color. After that, you need to put them on a plate, sliced tomatoes and seeds freed from seeds, sprinkle with dressing (pumpkin seeds, lemon juice, a clove of garlic, a spoon of olive oil are ground in a blender) and sprinkled with pumpkin seeds dried on a dry frying pan.



All green foods are low in calories, but at the same time contain many vitamins and minerals. Our body requires constant purification from toxins and toxins, failure in this leads to disruption of metabolic processes, the accumulation of waste products, the development of disease, fullness.

Many of these functions are assumed by our very important organ - the liver. Every day throughout her life she has to cope with the consequences of our gastronomical passions - fatty, spicy, sweet, salty food, alcohol, coffee, medicines.

The benefits of a green diet, first of all, is to clean the liver, because These products are rich in fiber, which, once in the digestive tract, acts like a brush, sweeping everything that is unnecessary. Thus, the metabolism is adjusted, there is a saturation, hunger and the need for snacks are not felt, the weight goes away.


What can and what can not?

The idea that you can eat while on a green diet is already there, but what can not be used? These are the same foods that are banned by any other diet: fatty, spicy, smoked, pickled, fast carbohydrates, sugary carbonated drinks.


Most of these diets are contraindicated for people engaged in heavy physical labor, pregnant women, during lactation. They can not be applied to having various chronic diseases, especially pathologies of the cardiovascular system, kidneys, liver, cancer patients.

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Possible risks

Doctors warn that the safe caloric limit for men is 1,800 and 1,200 for women. Otherwise, the body will be depleted, muscle will be lost, and immunity will decrease.



Hard diets can only be applied to healthy people, otherwise there may be dangerous complications associated with exacerbation of chronic diseases. Especially, the digestive organs, the pancreas, the liver and the kidneys may suffer.

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Any diet built on strict calorie restriction is not easy. According to reviews of people who have applied a green diet to themselves, this is really not easy. It is difficult to keep a tight rein on the stipulated period, and it is even more difficult not to pounce on food after its completion, but to get out of it correctly, but the result is worth it.


Green diet has a tangible effect. Depending on the individual characteristics of the body for a week or two, you can get rid of 5 kg of weight and more excess weight.

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