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Diet in case of gastritis

Last reviewed by: Aleksey Portnov , medical expert, on 17.12.2018

Diet in case of gastritis is a clinical nutrition by small portions with the exception of roast, fat foods, sweets and alcohol. You should only a little bit re-consider your lifestyle and eating habits.

Diet is especially important in the presence of diseases of the liver and stomach inflammation.

Light diet for gastritis includes light meals. Fresh fruits, spices, black coffee, bacon are contraindicated. You should replace hot food by warm one and abandon ice cream. Drink milk. It is allowed to drink 1 glass of lemon juice diluted with water per day in case of low acidity. Soft-boiled eggs, boiled meat, fruit soups, pasta, fresh cottage cheese are allowed.

Diet in case of gastritis can be tasty. We have compiled for you a daily diet that includes your favorite tasty dishes from childhood, they do not harm a stomach.

Early breakfast may include soft-boiled eggs, pureed rice porridge and tea with milk and pancake cookies with jam. Second breakfast is a baked apple or banana. Oat meal soup with meatballs and carrot puree are for lunch. We propose boiled fish under milk sauce and tea with milk for dinner.

Strict diet in case of gastritis

Barley soup is very useful for you during an exacerbation. You should eliminate fatty and spicy food and eat more of beet. Liquid food is preferable. Diet of patients with gastritis does not include aggressive product-stimulators of gastric juice production. Exceptions are possible only for patients with gastritis with zero acidity. You should drink more liquid. Look at the options of low-fat dairy products. Kissels and a little bit of cocoa (not chocolate!) are allowed.

Diet #5 in case of gastritis

Diet #5 in case of gastritis is a special system of clinical nutrition, which excludes products with essential oils and cooking fats, such as margarine, spreads, lard, cholesterol foods, hot dogs, doner kebab, burgers etc., preservatives, dyes, chewable candies and chewable gums, sugar candies, carbonated soft drinks. All sweets and confectionery are replaced by fruits that favorably affect food transportation through the gastrointestinal tract. All dishes of diet #5 are either steamed or boiled. Recipes of baked dishes without a crust are occurred very rarely. You should eat slowly and thoroughly chew and savor each morsel at least 4 times a day. Snacks and dry food, sandwiches to go, at the street, by the computer are prohibited.

In addition to the treatment of gastritis, diet #5 is used also for recovery after hepatitis in case of cholelithiasis, colitis and cirrhosis. Products with a high content of oxalic acid and purines should be completely excluded from the ration. Wheat white and brown bread and cookies without filling like "Maria" and "Zoological", biscuit are allowed. You can drink and eat milk with tea, curds with zero content of fat, non-sharp cheeses, vegetable soups, soups with macaroni, fruits.

In case of an increased secretion, you should maximally grind all products. The temperature of the dishes should be not hotter than 40 degrees. Under the diet in case of gastritis yesterday’s bread without the crust is allowed, but cakes are excluded. Give your preference to chicken meat. First dishes are better with sour cream, do not use spices and herbs. Rassolnik is undesirable as well as hash, solyanka and borsch. Oat and rice soup are the best ones in case of gastritis. Boiled pearl barley and beans are harmful for an ill stomach. Milk soups and soups on vegetable broths, cabbage, beetroot soups (not cold) are allowed. Lean fish (preferrably river fish), lean meat and poultry are very useful for you. You can eat pork, if you remove fat in pork meat and do not eat the broth. Rabbit, chicken, stuffed cabbage rolls and other dishes with minced meat are useful. Add vegetable oil and butter to dishes. Fried and too salty food, like salty cheeses, are forbidden. You can eat a little bit of cream, yogurt, low-fat sour cream. Eliminate all pickles, mushrooms and marinades. Do not eat raw unripe fruits and radishes. Try to like apples, they are a remedy for a sick stomach. But they should not be sour, like, for instance, variety “Antonovka”. Pamper yourself by marshmallow, pastilles, fruit jelly and puddings. Limit yourself in chocolate and do not drink strong coffee. You may eat fish soups in case of low acidity.

Diet #1 in case of gastritis

Diet in case of gastritis has basic principles that are useful to know even for a healthy person. Fried food is hardly digested, that is why it is excluded. Food obligatory has to be of the average temperature. This diet allows meat and vegetables to be eaten by slices. Some dishes can be baked. You can eat dry pancake cookies and not rich buns.

Use bread croutons by throwing them directly into the soup. Milk soups from boiled cereals (semolina, buckwheat, rice), milk soups, mashed in a blender are allowed.

Rabbit and turkey are the most useful meat for you. Steam cutlets, mashed potatoes, quenelles are allowed. Remove the skin. Cook boiled tongue, eat a diet and doctoral sausage, sturgeon caviar and unsalted ham. Eat more of low-fat milk, sour cream and nonacid cottage cheese.

Cook lean fish in the steam cooker as one piece.

Puff pastry, tinned food and marinades are very harmful. Mushrooms, spinach and cucumbers should be excluded.

Begin your morning with a soft-boiled egg. You can snack with a baked apple before lunch at work. It would be better for you, if you eat vegetable or cereal soups. Courgettes and nonacid tomatoes are useful. Bananas and nonacid apples are best suited among fruits for patients with gastritis. Prepare compotes, kissels.

Diet #1a in case of gastritis

In case of gastritis diet #1a excludes products and dishes that irritate the mucous membrane. Slimy semolina and rice soup, boiled eggs, cream, jelly, milk, and butter in prepared meals are allowed in this diet.

In the morning, to the patient is given 2 soft-boiled eggs. Oatmeal soup and fruit jelly are for lunch. Milk rice porridge is for evening.

Diet #2 in case of gastritis

In case of gastritis diet #2 is prescribed during the period of recovery in the presence of chronic process. Boiled, steamed and mashed dishes are recommended during the treatment. All cold, greasy and spicy foods are prohibited. Eat meat without skin, boiled and baked (chicken, rabbit, veal). Boiled and stewed slices of fish are allowed.

Cook vegetables, make vegetable purees, low-fat jelly, eat unsalted low-fat ham. Cook compotes and jelly, bake apples with honey and jam. Sweets: snowballs, toffee, marshmallow sticks and jam. Drink tea with lemon, coffee with milk, rosehip tea.

Diet menu in case of gastritis

In case of gastritis diet menu excludes coarse food and alcohol. Eat by small portions, 4 times a day, i.e. each 3 hours. You can drink non-carbonated mineral water in accordance with the prescription of the doctor, taking acidity into account. Mashed vegetables and sticky porridges on the water are useful. Do not eat raw apples, but bake them. Eat light broth, vegetable or vermicelli soup with croutons, a steam cutlet for lunch. Kefir, dry pancake cookies, low-fat cottage cheese are useful before bedtime.

Make rice and cottage cheese cakes. Do not eat millet, barley, legumes. Make chicken and veal meatballs. Do not cook fried meat. Include boiled quail eggs in your diet.

Week diet in case of gastritis

In case of gastritis week diet looks approximately like this.

Mon, Wed

  • - Breakfast: crumbly buckwheat
  • - Second breakfast: cottage cheese baked pudding
  • - Lunch: soup, croutons, fruit compote
  • - Afternoon snack: tea and dry pancake cookies
  • - Dinner: steam fish or meat cutlets, tea with milk

Tue, Thu

  • - Breakfast: cottage cheese pancakes and compote
  • - Second breakfast: kissel or jelly
  • - Lunch: vegetable soup, boiled fish
  • - Afternoon snack: tea and dry pancake cookies
  • - Dinner: baked pudding, kefir

Fri, Sat, Sun

  • - Breakfast: soft-boiled egg
  • - Second breakfast: lazy fruit dumplings
  • - Lunch: cereal soup, kissel
  • - Afternoon snack: fruit puree
  • - Dinner: pasta with boiled fish

Diet example in case of gastritis

In case of hyperacidity you can eat yesterday's bread, biscuits, dry biscuits, non-rich buns, yesterday's baked patties, vermicelli, steam meat, fish, tongue, steam omelette, fruit puree, honey, and marshmallow. Limit chocolate and spicy cheeses. Do not cook hard-boiled eggs. Black coffee, champagne, kvass, horseradish and mustard are banned.

Not mashed, but crisp cereals, soups with meatballs and cabbage soup without sauerkraut, boiled or baked low-fat meat, sausages and tongue, non-sour fruits are allowed in case of low acidity.

In case of gastritis with low acidity diet does not permit flour products, barley groats, legumes, pea soup, millet soup and lamb, salted fish, fermented vegetables, radishes, mushrooms, raspberries, gooseberries, fatty sauces and kvass.

Semolina cereal and a cup of tea, carrot puree, boiled fish, and cauliflower are suitable for breakfast. Glass of apple or plum, apricot or cherry compote or kissel are good for lunch. First meal for lunch is vegetable vermicelli soup. The second one is steam cutlets from chicken or boiled fish, mashed potatoes, boiled beet, and buckwheat porridge. Fruit mousse and jelly are for dessert. Tea, juice and kissel are for afternoon snack. Stuffed cabbage rolls, garnish, tea, milk or tea with milk are for dinner. Refuse from seasonings and spices when you are cooking. Add parsley and celery. Nutrition should be fractional.

Recipes of dishes in case of gastritis

In case of gastritis diet includes dishes from vegetables, meat, fish, low-fat milk. In case of gastritis porridges are the basis of the diet. Oatmeal, rice, buckwheat, semolina are especially useful.

Semolina cereal with fruits

Boil apples and charge cereals into the decoction. Serve with apple slices.

Broccoli in breadcrumbs

Boil the broccoli 7-10 minutes, sprinkle it with breadcrumbs and fry.

Homemade meatballs

Grind veal in a meat grinder, add the egg, roll in bread crumbs and boil in boiling water.

Diet in case of gastritis with hyperacidity

In case of gastritis with hyperacidity diet reduces production of hydrochloric acid in a stomach. What is allowed in case of gastritis with high acidity: Drinks Rather weak tea, tea with milk Bread White bread and dried crust, yesterday’s bread, dry biscuits Snacks Mild cheese, dietary sausages, ham sausages Milk Whole low-fat milk, kefir, fresh cottage cheese, condensed milk beverages, curd cakes, yogurt, sour clotted milk, fermented baked milk Fats Butter, olive and sunflower refined oils Eggs Soft-boiled and fried eggs on steam Soups Soups on meat and mushroom broths with mashed vegetables Meat, fish Minced products from beef, pork, fish, boiled bird meat Cereals Rubbed semi-viscous cereals, pasta, boiled noodles Vegetables Puree from spinach, pumpkin, green peas, carrots, potatoes; raw green onions Berries Strawberries, wild strawberries, mashed sweet fruits Sweets Jelly, pureed fruit drinks Prohibited Alcohol, rye bread, kidney beans, thick pasta, hard, spicy cheeses, fatty meat, meat products with spices, cabbage, radish, unripe fruits, pig fat, lard and chocolate.

Diet in case of gastritis with low acidity

In case of gastritis diet implies certain restrictions. A stomach does not produce enough of hydrochloric acid in case of low acidity.

Eat only dried white yesterday’s bread. Ukrainian and Borodinsky bread does not suit you, as well as buns and fatty doughnuts and pies, fried pies. Do not snack without a drink on the go.

Eat more oats and buckwheat cereals. They give strength and enrich the body with iron. Perfect meat for patients with gastritis is low-fat chicken meat. Ideal fish is pollack. Low-fat cottage cheese contains calcium. Useful berries for you are raspberries, black and red currants. It is better to cook second meals in form of puree.

Diet in case of gastritis and other concomitant diseases

Diet in case of pancreatitis and gastritis

It is useful to starve for a couple of days after an attack of gastritis or pancreatitis. Thus, you will give some rest to your stomach and pancreas. Drink non-carbonated mineral water and rosehip tea. Eat liquid porridges at the third day. In case of gastritis or pancreatitis diet prohibits coffee, mushroom broths and mushrooms in the composition of dishes, salty dishes, black bread, chocolate. Drink green tea and eat low-fat cottage cheese.

Diet in case of gastritis and duodenitis

In case of gastritis and duodenitis diet must be full-fledged and include all necessary substances, but should not injure the mucous membrane. Mashed vegetables, cereals, low-fat cottage cheese, sour clotted milk are perfect for you in case of gastritis. You can eat even hard-boiled eggs two times a week when you do not have an exacerbation. Cook low-fat fish and cutlets in the steam cooker. Among fruits dried apricots, prunes and pears, ripe bananas, pasta, fruit jelly are useful. The food should be boiled soft. Increase an amount of protein, B vitamins and ascorbic acid in your diet. You can drink kefir, low-fat sour cream and fermented baked milk. Chocolate, soft drinks and fast food can cause an exacerbation. Do not eat mushrooms, sour berries, fried and smoked dishes, honey, spices and garlic.

Diet in case of esophagitis and gastritis

Have you felt frequent belching, went to the doctor, and he has diagnosed in you esophagitis and gastritis? It's time to reconsider the diet.

Forbidden foods as part of clinical nutrition:

  • - Chocolate
  • - Tomatoes
  • - Strong tea and coffee
  • - Parsley, pepper, bay leaf
  • - Sweet pepper
  • - Fatty broths
  • - Alcohol
  • - Chips and nuts
  • - Sweet pastries
  • - Beer
  • - Kvass

The stomach should be half filled. Start your day with peaches or kissel. These products eliminate burning. Wash down fruits with yogurt, eat low-fat cottage cheese after this. Fish, porridge on the water, nonacid apples are also perfectly suitable for your diet. Do not go to bed after dinner and walk around. You should not overeat. Cabbage, fresh bread and legumes, some types of fresh fruit, hot spices and sparkling water are prohibited. It is better to bake fruits or cook from them compotes and kissels. Starch is useful, because it has enveloping properties. Eat more milk, cereals, and dishes of chopped boiled fish. Baked apples are useful for you. One baked apple provides human daily rate of iron. It is also very tasty, especially if you add a bit of jam. Eliminate marinades and fat from the diet. Eat soft-boiled eggs. Cook milk porridges, steam meatballs and cutlets. In case of gastritis and esophagitis diet eliminates onion and garlic.

Diet in case of gastritis and cholecystitis

In case of gastritis and cholecystitis diet has basic principles:

  • 1. Minimum gaps between meals.
  • 2. Warm, neither cold nor hot food.
  • 3. In case of exacerbation in the first days starve and drink more water.
  • 4. Eat more cooked vegetables, pumpkins, squash, milk dishes, fish dishes of low-fat varieties.
  • 5. Kissels and juices with a half part of water are useful.
  • 6. Avoid fatty meats, smoked meats, citrus and alcohol. Exclude fresh bread, mushrooms and mushroom broths, rich meat broths.
  • 7. Eat yesterday’s bread.

Diet in case of heartburn and gastritis

Gastric ulcer, reflux esophagitis and cholecystitis are often accompanied by a heartburn. Clinical nutrition is prepared, considering approved methods of cooking. Alcohol and strong tea, sparkling drinks, pickling, condiments and strong decoctions and broths, sour fruit juices and sweets are excluded forever. In case of gastritis with heartburn diet includes low-fat meat, chicken, stewed vegetables and dairy products, yesterday's white bread and sweet fruits.

Diet in case of bulbitis and gastritis

Bulbitis is an inflammation of the duodenum, is often combined with gastritis. In case of bulbitis and gastritis diet is prescribed for 4-6 months. You should eat 5 times a day by small portions to 250 g. All meals must be liquid and mashed. White stale bread, dry cookies and nonacid sour cream are allowed. Boiled chicken and rabbit meat, pasta, vegetable soup, fruit drinks, fresh juices from non-acidic berries are useful. It is better to eat eggs in the form of a steam omelette. It is better to include cottage cheese in such meals, as puddings, cottage cheese pancakes, and lazy curd dumplings.

Diet in case of different types of gastritis

Diet in case of erosive gastritis

Canned fatty meats, vinegar, alcohol, sour berries, roasted foods are forbidden in case of erosive gastritis. Main dishes are prepared from dietary meat, such as rabbit and beef. Everything is better to cook on steam, especially in first days and to boil in the future, but not to fry.

Eat a steam omelet and liquid porridge in the morning. Cream soup from vegetables, steam cutlets, jelly, light tea are good for lunch. Prepare mashed potatoes with boiled chicken for dinner. Do not eat spicy food and try to avoid stress, if you want to avoid erosive gastritis.

Diet in case of acute gastritis

Acute gastritis can be treated at home, but it is very important to follow clinical nutrition. You cannot eat at first 2 days, only sweetened tea and rosehip decoction. In the third day you should cook dishes on steam. Soups, such as rice soup are very useful. Milk, soft-boiled eggs, semolina and buckwheat mashed cereals are allowed. Chicken in the form of steam cutlets and meatballs is also allowed. Raw vegetables and fruits, bread, coffee, cocoa, kvass are under a ban during the exacerbation period.

Diet in case of chronic gastritis

In case of gastritis diet excludes products with high concentration of crude fiber and all kinds of fatty food. Meals should not be hot. They should only have warm palatable temperature. You should not overeat. Refuse from the fat dishes, pastries and strong coffee, eliminate mushrooms. Eat cream soup, cutlets and steamed meatballs from meat or fish, vegetable ragouts, steamed omelets, jellies and rosehip decoction for lunch. Begin your morning with oat cereal on water or in half with milk and low-fat cottage cheese.

Smoked and offal products are prohibited for you. Eat no more than one soft-boiled egg per day. Drink fruit and vegetable juices diluted with water.

Diet in case of exacerbation of gastritis

Major thing in case of exacerbation of gastritis is full and regular eating. Diluted cream, cottage cheese, fruit soups, boiled meat, pasta, greenery, sweet juices, non-spicy cheeses are useful. Cabbage, pastries, fatty meats are prohibited. Refined vegetable oil is better than butter. In case of gastritis diet includes slimy soups, steam omelets, jelly, steam cutlets, steamed low-fat meat, dried bread and non-fancy pies, garnishes from cereals and vegetable purees, mashed potatoes, marshmallows and tea with milk. Culinary processing of products includes stewing and boiling. It is not prohibited to eat meat broth, mushroom broth, borsch, if you have low acidity. Eat meat in form of piece or meatballs.

You can eat unsalted ham and diet sausages, yoghurt, cottage cheese, some low-fat cream, pureed porridge on milk and vegetable broth, boiled vegetables in form of puree and vegetable cutlets without crust. Add vermicelli to the soup and cook baked puddings from it. You can eat yesterday's white and gray bread. Eat berries without skin and cook jelly from them. Onion, dill and cumin are allowed in case of low acidity. Drink 2 liters of liquid per day, such as tea with lemon, not strong cocoa and kissels.

Diet in case of atrophic gastritis

Atrophic gastritis is an inflammation and thinning of the gastric mucosa.

There are some recommendations for the patient with atrophic gastritis: eat food that has room temperature, eat often, but by small portions and slowly. Yesterday's white bread and mashed soups are useful. Broth should be low-fat and without spices. Rice, buckwheat and semolina are permitted cereals, but millet should be refused. Stewed vegetables and mashed potatoes are useful. It is allowed to eat desserts and milk products in case of gastritis. Veal and low-fat fish are recommended.

Diet in case of reflux gastritis

Reflux gastritis is condition, when bile enters the stomach. Signs of reflux gastritis are dramatic weight loss, heaviness in the stomach, an unpleasant taste in the mouth, constipations. The disease is diagnosed by common blood test, ultrasound test of the liver and pancreas, fibrogastroscopy.

In case of gastritis with reflux component diet includes products which are easily digested. It is necessary to eat often in little portions 5 times per day. Honey and cold food, ice cream, desserts, grilled fish, meats, sausages, canned food and chocolate, black coffee, alcohol and smoking are excluded and prohibited. Do not carry heavy loads and avoid stress.

Diet in case of superficial gastritis

Today is a crazy rhythm of life. We are constantly in a hurry and eat food with no drink. Simple superficial gastritis manifests itself by pain and heartburn after eating, coated tongue. Certainly you have eaten something spicy or experienced stress before the attack.

Treatment of mild form is often limited only by a diet. You would pass antibiotic treatment, if Helicobacter pylori infection was found in you.

Eat liquid food. Have a dinner in 3 hours before you go to sleep. Exclude thick soups and spicy pickled food. Eat boiled meat and only low-fat fish (cod, pikeperch and pike). Fruits should be eaten in the form of juices and compotes. Eat and like semolina cereal, such as you did in childhood. In case of gastritis diet is a major treatment.

Diet in case of ulcerative gastritis

Abstain from eating hot food in case of ulcerative gastritis. Eat boiled dishes. Coffee, cabbage, radish and sour fruit increases the production of hydrochloric acid, so they have to be excluded. In case of gastritis diet prohibits smoked food, mushrooms and seasonings. Slimy soups and mashed vegetables, vegetable purees, baked vegetables, kissels are useful. You should limit carbohydrates.

Diet in case of focal gastritis

Necrosis of the stomach is occurred in case of focal gastritis. The patient has nutritional deficiencies, pallor, anemia occur; eyesight decreases due to lack of vitamin A. Spicy, too hot and cold food should be excluded, milk cereals, cottage cheese and yesterday’s bread are allowed. Atrophic gastritis is dangerous, because it changes the structure of the gastric mucosa, and this can lead to cancer. Most often, age-related changes become the cause of gastritis. In case of existing of provoking factors the bacterium Helicobacter pylori can cause the inflammation of tissues with the subsequent atrophy of the stomach. Also, focal gastritis is often accompanied with pancreatitis, particularly in patients with alcoholism. The patient feels heaviness in the stomach and dull ache, bitterness and an unpleasant metallic taste, weakness and sweating.

In case of focal gastritis food is prepared on steam. Spicy, fried, canned foods, carbonated drinks and sweets, chocolate, alcohol must be excluded.

Diet in case of helicobacter gastritis

In case of gastritis diet that has been caused by Helicobacter pylori excludes stimulating secretion of gastric juice products. Meals of whole milk, pearl and oat cereals, vegetable cream soups, soft-boiled eggs, cottage cheese, cheese and fruits are the basis of the diet.

Boiled meat, potatoes, low-fat ham, cereals, sour cream are permitted during remission stage. You should exclude canned food, spices, fatty meat and alcohol.

Diet in case of subatrophic gastritis

Patients with subatrophic gastritis have higher risk to get stomach cancer. Such patients with this kind of gastritis should use the diet 1a. It stimulates reparation of mucous membrane, reduces irritation, sparing the stomach. Food has to be milky with excluding of fish and mushrooms. Ration of two and a half kilograms is divided into 5 receptions. It is allowed to eat a little bit of beef soufflé and pureed porridge, sweet juices and mousses. Dairy milk products must be excluded. Subatrophic gastritis requires observation and almost life-long observance of clinical nutrition. Rumbling in the abdomen, pains in the lower abdomen and sleepiness should be an occasion for you to visit a doctor. The doctor will appoint gastrofibroscopy and blood test. You have to exclude greasy, spicy, coarse food, cold or, conversely, very hot food for the rest of your life.

Diet in case of hyperplastic gastritis

In case of hyperplastic gastritis diet excludes alcohol, salty food, cabbages, grapes, spicy dishes, and mushrooms. Rabbit meat, fish sirloins, yoghurt, sweet fruit juices, currant decoctions, compotes, mousses are recommended to eat. The food is consumed in small portions.

Hyperplastic gastritis often occurs without any symptoms. Belching and heartburn are rarely possible. The main method for detecting of hyperplastic gastritis is gastroscopy. In addition to the diet, it is useful to administer 50 g of white clay after eating and almagelum - 1 t. sp. 4 times per day.

Diet in case of gastritis with zero acidity

Diet principles in case of gastritis with zero acidity, when acid is completely stopped its producing, are very simple. First of all, you should exclude fat and fried food. This recommendation is useful for all kinds of gastritis and for gastritis with zero acidity too. Meatbroth, pickles and increased consumption of salt in dishes, strong koumiss and canned products are useful. Proteins and fats are introduced into the body in such a way that they are retained in the stomach as longer as possible. If the food begins to ferment in the gut, dairy products are added into the diet. In case of gastritis with zero acidity diet allows coffee, ham, yoghurt and scrambled eggs, fish, meat, vegetable soups, grapes, oranges, raspberries, stale bread, dry biscuits, fish sauces, compotes, jams, mousses, jelly.

Fatty meats, spicy dishes and ice cream are prohibited.

Weight loss diet in case of gastritis

What foods should the diet contain in case of gastritis for the patient who wants to lose weight?

Do not refuse cereals. Use cereals in soups instead of pasta. If you have reduced or zero acidity, eat more yoghurt and cottage cheese. Cream and sweet children cheeses, milkshakes, potatoes, beans must be excluded. Boiled chicken and chicken meat are useful. Find suitable light physical exercises for yourself, go in for cycling, walking and jogging. It is undesirable to dramatically lose your weight. You have to eat fractionally and thoroughly chewing your food. Exclude fresh bread, spicy dishes.

In this article we have tried to explain, what the diet in case of gastritis is.

It is important to know!

Diet with heart disease should maintain the balance of vitamins and trace elements, which the cardiovascular system needs: vitamins A, C, E, and also group B, potassium and magnesium. Read more..

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