Masks for all types of hair during pregnancy

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Last reviewed: 25.06.2018

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During the gestation of a child, the change in the level of hormones affects the entire body of a woman, and even hair can not escape the effects of the action of sex hormones.

Usually by the fourth month of gestation, future moms notice that their hair grows faster and looks thicker and healthier than before.

But for some, a change in the hormonal background leads to a worsening of the hair condition - increased loss, increased dryness or fatness. And although all these changes are temporary (disappear within six months after the birth of the child) and affect the hormones is impossible, but you can take appropriate action. And to help come masks for hair during pregnancy.

According to experts, the main recipes for hair masks during pregnancy do not differ from the recommendations for non-pregnant women. However, the very first advice to pregnant women is proper nutrition. For example, dry and brittle hair can become if there is a lack of protein food, iron deficiency or lack of iodine.

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Mask for dry hair

The most affordable and simple remedy for dry and brittle hair is an oil mask for hair with a light scalp massage. Such a procedure is performed no more than once in 7-10 days. At the same time, olive or burdock oil (1-2 tablespoons) should be slightly warm, and a mask for the shower is put on to make the mask of maximum benefit, and on top - a terry towel (about half an hour). And the last steps are mandatory for any hair mask.

In the oil mask for dry hair during pregnancy, you can add a few drops of essential oil of lavender, roses, chamomile, lemon, grapefruit or ylang-ylang. But essential oils of cinnamon, cloves, mint, rosemary, juniper, oregano, thyme and sage during pregnancy are absolutely contraindicated.

Masks for oily hair in pregnancy

With oily hair and increased secretion of sebum with glands located on the scalp, trichologists recommend at least once a week to apply to hair and scalp such hair masks:

  • from yogurt or yogurt;
  • from soaked nettle or chamomile rye bread;
  • from honey and aloe juice (in the ratio of 2: 1);
  • from raw egg yolks (so that the mask is better applied to one yolk add a little cold water);
  • from slightly whipped egg whites;
  • from crushed and steamed leaves of plantain large, birch or oak;
  • freshly squeezed apple juice and baker's yeast;
  • of crushed berries of mountain ash.

Reducing the fat content of the skin on the head is facilitated by wiping it with aloe juice, lemon (half-and-half with water), red currant, and green tea, chamomile infusion or decoction of oak bark. And after washing their hair, they are recommended to rinse with water, slightly acidified with fresh lemon juice or natural apple cider vinegar.

Masks for hair loss

The recommended masks for hair loss with onion, garlic, bitter pepper, mustard powder, vodka or cognac during pregnancy should not be used: hair masks during pregnancy should not irritate the skin of the scalp and cause a reflex rush of blood.

You can prepare herbal decoctions and a few times abundantly moisten them with the roots of hair to strengthen the follicles. Suitable medicinal plants such as nettle, ivan-tea (kiprei), horsetail, burdock (roots), leaves of dandelion and walnut.

As evidenced by reviews of hair masks during pregnancy, when hair loss from excessive hair loss is good, wetting the hair and scalp with an infusion of oak bark and onion husks. It is prepared by calculating 3 tablespoons of crushed bark and husk with 4-5 bulbs per liter of water. The broth should languish for at least half an hour, and then infused under the lid. Wet your hair and skin with warm decoction, then tie your head for a couple of hours. It is not necessary to wash the hair, and if it smells odor, it will only require ordinary water and drying in a natural way (without a hair dryer).

With any hair on the basis of this decoction, you can prepare hair masks during pregnancy, mixing such useful for hair honey and egg yolks.

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