Hair transplant clinics: in Turkey, Russia, Ukraine, Germany

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Last reviewed: 19.10.2021

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So far, we have talked about the benefits that hair grafts give to early bald people and those whose head of hair is very far from ideal in its density, which causes certain problems of the psychological and physical plane. We also touched upon various methods of carrying out a procedure so important from an aesthetic point of view, their advantages and disadvantages, leaving after the procedure. But all this information will seem little, if those wishing to compete for their beauty by radical methods will not know where to make a hair transplant.

To begin with, hair transplant is not yet so demanded that it can be carried out in any clinic in any city. This is the developing direction of aesthetic medicine, which has taken root far from all cities, so it is still not enough to decide on hair transplantation, you need to decide on the country and the clinic where you want to do it.

It must be said that serious clinics practicing the latest technologies can be found not only abroad, but also in the countries of the former CIS. Moreover, they should be sought in the regional cities. Count on hair transplant in a small town for the time being it is not necessary, although the demand for the procedure is in all settlements.

Perhaps, someday the situation will change for the better, and hair transplantation can be carried out in any city, nevertheless decent demand and pricing policy should interest specialists and lead to the opening of new centers. In the meantime, we will talk about those well-known clinics that exist today in various parts of the world.

Hair transplant in Turkey

This country has a very rich experience in the direction of hair transplantation, for good reason its clinics are looking for information not only Ukrainians and Russians, but also residents of European countries. The clinics of Turkey are trusted, that's why people do not feel sorry for the money for visas, flights and accommodation in this country, which can be guaranteed to give them a beautiful hairstyle.

DOKU Clinic for Aesthetic Medicine (Adam and Eve)  is one of the leading clinics in Istanbul, where patients from Europe and Asia seek help. Hair transplantation is carried out by the seamless method of FUE, and the hair is not shaved, which means that immediately after the procedure the patient can see the result of transplantation, which it will be in a year.

Transplantation is done both for men and women. In addition, eyebrows and beards are being built.

There is a clinic in Istanbul at Cumhuriyet Mah. Incirlidede Cad. No: 6-2, Anthill Towers, Sisli, Istanbul

The Estethica Esthetic Medicine Clinic (Aesthetics)  is the largest medical center in Turkey, one of which is hair transplantation. The Medical Center has been accepting patients from all over the world since 2010, conducting treatment according to international standards.

Hair transplantation is carried out by the classical method and by the FUE method.

The clinic is located at: Ataşehir (Istanbul) Küçükbakkalköy Mah. Işıklar Cad. No. 28

Hair Med hair transplant center in the Memorial clinic Antalya is a modern medical institution with 15 years of experience, working according to international standards on the latest equipment. One of the first to be accredited by JCI.

The center offers a variety of treatments for alopecia, including hair transplantation using the FUT and FUE methods. Specialists perform hair transplantation in men and women, as well as eyebrow and beard transplantation, treatment of chronic hair loss through plasmolifting.

.The company is located at: Kuskavagi Mah. Atatürk Bulvarı No: 81 Konyaalti / Antalya.

The FUE Hairlain Clinic  is a well-known Turkish clinic that has been performing hair transplantation using the FUE method for about 15 years, in fact since its foundation in 2002. The specialists of the clinic perform a seamless procedure at a high level, practicing hair transplantation both on the head and on other parts of the body plus the corrective transplantation necessary in case of unsuccessful past transplants, the hair grows incorrectly.

The clinic is located in Ankara. More information can be obtained at fue-hlc@mail.ru or by phone in Russia +7 (987) 188-76-06.

Private clinic TURHAIR  in Istanbul, where Dr. Demir, who is a member of the organization of the best doctors of hair transplantologists FUE EUROPE and ISHRS, is conducting a reception.

In the clinic, hair transplantation is performed using the FUE method on the head, beard, mustache, eyebrows.

The clinic is located at: Incirli Cad. Limon Çiçeği Sok. Asfalti Caddesi Office Block № 1 Bakirkoy / ISTANBUL, phone +9 (0 534) 974- 22- 00.

Need to say that in Turkey, hair transplant is almost a daily procedure, because there are many medical centers and clinics open in this direction. Patients are provided with: free transfer, full board, the possibility of living in the clinic on the day of operation and much more. However, not all private clinics are able to provide a high level of services. In addition, almost all centers for hair transplant practice only a seamless technique of transplantation.

Hair transplant in Russia

We will not conceal a sin to make a qualitative hair transplant. Russian residents do not need to go abroad. To carry out the procedure of transplantation at a high level are able and local doctors in well-known clinics.

The REAL TRANS HAIR  (RTH hair transplantation) clinic is one of the well-known clinics of the Russian Federation, which has been working in the field of transplantation for about 17 years.

Experts conduct hair transplantation using two methods of strip and FUE. At the same time, they are not in a hurry to switch to a more modern method of HFE, considering it a marketing ploy. They argue that the HFE technique is not really a unique method, it's a variety of seamless FUE techniques, carried out by other tools (FUE IMPLANTER PEN technique), like the FUT technique is a variant of the strip-method. By the way, FUE IMPLANTER PEN methods are used by many clinics in Turkey under the original, rather than advertising name.

The clinic also carries a hair transplant in the area of the mustache and beard.

The RTH clinic in Russia is located at: Moscow, Kurskaya metro station, Yakovoapostolsky pereulok, 8a.

Center for Trichology Hair For Ever  - a well-known in Russia medical institution (member of the International Society for Hair Restoration Surgery ISHRS), practicing the work on the new technique of HFE hair transplantation at the level of Turkish specialists for more than 13 years. In Russia, the HFE method is patented, but such operations are performed only in a clinic with the same name. It is believed that this technique allows you to cover your head with your hair even with the last 6 degrees of alopecia, however, this will take about 8-12 hours.

Specialists are engaged in hair transplantation from the head region, transplant eyebrows, mustaches, beard, whiskers.

The Trichology Center for HFE is located at: Moscow, ul. Schepkina, 58 with. 3. You can learn more by using the multi-channel phone  +7 (915) 107-55-44.

The clinic of plastic surgery and cosmetology Inteko is  also one of the best clinics in Moscow, providing hair transplant services. The opening of the clinic took place in 2003.

The specialists of Inteko-clinics work according to two methods: a strip and FUE, also considering the HFE method is not a non-surgical intervention, but a kind of seamless technique.

Clinic address: Moscow, st. 2nd Tverskaya-Yamskaya, 26, phone: +7 (499) 250-96-56.

The specialized hair transplant clinic "Lysine - no"  is a popular center in Russia with a promising name and 15 years of experience in the field of hair transplantation. During this time, the doctors helped to get a beautiful head of hair for thousands of patients.

The clinic's specialists, who are members of ISHRS, work on two patented methods worldwide: strip and FUE.

The clinic is located at: Moscow, ul. Clara Zetkin, 33, building 25, phone +7 (495) 585-76-36.

Specialized clinic for hair restoration and hair transplantation "Volosy.ru"  is a modern Russian center, which has been active since 2004, although the experience of hair transplantation is even older (since 1996). All surgeons of the clinic are listed in the international organization ISHRS.

The specialists of the clinic perform hair transplantation using FUE and FUT methods, using only the patient's own hair as a biomaterial. A combined operation using both methods is also possible. If the hair density can not be achieved, the clinic offers an additional trichopigmentation method (medical tattoo). By its own technique, doctors perform eyebrows and eyelashes, and also use various alternative methods of treating baldness.

The clinic "Volosy.ru" is located at: St. Petersburg, Prospekt Prospekt, 69, phone +7 (921) 886-56-64.

Hair transplantation in Ukraine

Our compatriots are no worse than foreigners, they also follow their appearance and want to be beautiful. And hair - this is what helps to give a special face to a human face, which means that the urgency of hair transplantation in us is not less than in other developed countries.

Let's consider some clinics where our compatriots can go through the procedure of hair transplantation, without leaving the country.

Clinic of plastic surgery and medicine of rejuvenation Ana-Cosmo  is one of the most prestigious clinics in Ukraine and the countries of the former CIS, which has existed for more than 20 years. It has a high level of accreditation of the Ministry of Health of Ukraine, and specialists can brag of certificates and diplomas of international standard.

Hair transplantation is in the department of the world-famous plastic surgeon Akaki Tsilosani. He carries out operations with the patchwork method FUT and seamless FUE, if necessary, implanting hair from different parts of the body, ensuring 92% survival of the biomaterial.

The clinic is located in Kiev, ul. Belorusskaya, 11b, telephone +38 (044) 483-21-78, +38 (050) 326-62-91.

Clinic of Laser Cosmetology and Surgery Diamond Laser is a medical center with a 5-year experience that keeps pace with the times, listening to the needs of the Ukrainian population. One of the services offered by the center is hair transplantation, which the center's specialists carry out by seamless FUE method, transplanting up to 4 thousand grafts per procedure. Hair transplant is also performed on the eyebrows and head at affordable prices up to UAH 50 per graft.

Clinic address: Kiev, ul. Krasnoarmeyskaya, 89, phone +38 (044) 228-72-45.

Laser Laser Cosmetology and Surgery Clinic "Gold Laser" is another medical center of European level, existing for about 5 years, and has proved itself in the field of hair transplantation in a seamless manner. Prices for the hair transplant procedure are identical to the previous clinic.

Clinic address: Kiev, ul. Leo Tolstoy, 8, phone +38 (044) 338-12-90.

Institute of Regenerative Aesthetic Medicine "VIRTUS" is a medical center with 26 years of experience, having branches in various cities of Ukraine. The clinic introduces many of the most innovative methods in cosmetology, dermatology, trichonology.

More than 10 years in the institution practice hair transplantation using the strip technique.

To clarify the addresses of the clinic's branches in different cities (Odessa, Kiev, Kharkov, Dnepr, Nikolaev, Kherson), you can call +38 (044) 332-44-00 in Kiev or +38 (044) 700-60-60 in Odessa.

The Mediland Clinic for Laser and Endoscopic Medicine  is a modern, well-equipped outpatient clinic in the heart of Ukraine, which, among other things, provides treatment and plastic hair surgery services.

The clinic widely uses the method of hair transplantation FUE, plus offers eyebrow transplantation at reasonable prices.

The clinic is located at: Kiev, ul. Kopernika 12-d, phone number +38 (044) 355-33-31, +38 (095) 365-00-04.

The Center for Healthy Hair Ruben Hair is an actively developing licensed clinic with a 4-year experience in the field of treatment and hair transplantation using the FUE seamless method.

In addition to hair transplantation on the head, the center's doctors perform hair transplantation on the eyebrows and beard, as well as a variety of physiotherapy procedures effective for the treatment of alopecia. At the end of the transplant procedure, the patient receives a written guarantee of hair growth.

Address of the treatment center: Odessa, ul. Srednefontanskaya, 19b, office.203, telephone +38 (048) 700-76-76. Branch in Kiev: st. Turgenevskaya, 76/78, telephone +38 (044) 486-56-58, +38 (067) 463-76-76.

Clinic Trichology and Dermatology "Hair Health Center"  - an organization that exists just under 20 years. And all this time her specialists dealt with the issues of healing the skin and hair, using internationally recognized standards of treatment and unique authoring techniques.

The clinic accepts experienced trichologists who can give advice on the treatment of various types of baldness.

Clinic address: Kiev, ul. Kudryashova, 3, telephone +38 (044) 537-66-10.

As you can see, if you want, you can find in Ukraine both centers for hair transplantation with experience, and relatively new clinics, ready to help your fellow citizens return youth and beauty together with beautiful hair. So it's not at all necessary to seek help on the bogus side.

Hair transplantation in Belarus

Despite the stable political and economic situation in the country, many innovative technologies are in no hurry to pave the way there. So it happened with hair transplantation. Most clinics offering hair transplant services have very little experience in this area of plastic surgery. Nevertheless, there are already some changes in this direction.

The Center for Plastic Surgery Edaran-Medical, which has existed since 1997, recently offered compatriots not just hair transplantation, but transplantation with the most modern HFE method with the guarantee of hair survival.

Clinic address: Minsk, ul. Lenina, 9. Phone +375 (17) 220-21-01.

The Confidence Medical Center, whose work experience lasts more than 13 years, has at its disposal a highly qualified plastic surgeon with an 8-year experience in the work of Sergei Mechkovsky, who also performs hair transplantation using the non-surgical technique of HFE.

Address of the center: Minsk, ul. Zaslavskaya 23/1, cab. 17.

The Center of Aesthetic Medicine "Hinevich and K", which has been operating since 1992, is ready to provide services for consultation and hair transplantation with strip and methods, transplanting long hair and hair from other parts of the body.

Address of the center: Minsk, ul. Pionerskaya, 45. Phone +375 (29) 653-39-95.

Medical Center "Corona", working in the field of hair and scalp treatment since 2004, conducts diagnostics of hair problems and hair transplant procedures using FUT technology while maintaining the hair tilt.

Address of the center: Insk, ul. Kommunisticheskaya, 3, phone +375 (29) 358-12-04.

Medical Center "Nordin" - a modern clinic in pine forest, specializing in plastic surgery, including hair transplantation and patchwork and seamless methods. The average cost of the operation is indicated in the range of 42-43 thousand rubles.

Address of the center: Minsk, ul. Surganova, 47b. Phone +375 (017) 289-54-56.

Apparently the inhabitants of Belarus also do not need to go abroad to restore hair on their heads. According to reviews, domestic clinics are coping with hair transplantation operations no worse than foreign masters.

Hair transplant in Germany

Germany is a country characterized by its pedantry and scrupulous approach to any business, so many believe that treatment is best to take place in this country. In fact, the medical industry in Germany is experiencing a crisis today due to a shortage of qualified personnel, so do not be surprised if the plastic surgeon working there turns out to be your compatriot.

As for the clinics that perform hair transplant operations, most of them can be reached only through intermediaries offering their services for treatment in clinics in Europe. It is known that the hair transplantation method FUE offers an innovative clinic in Hamburg FUE - Hairtransplant, which specializes in hair transplantation in a seamless manner. Clinic address: Hamburg, Wendemuthstrabe, 5, telephone +49 (0) 40-22862-115.

Hair transplantation is also performed at the Vinsbaden Clinic "Mang Medical Way" and the cents network "Aesthetic Clinic", whose branches are located in Munich, Hamburg, Dusseldorf.

Hair transplantation in Tajikistan

Tajikistan's medical luminaries decided in 2010 to prove that their country will not stand aside from the innovative technologies of the beauty industry and that there are qualified specialists in the country capable of carrying out a hair transplant operation. The first operation was carried out on May 13 of the same year by the famous surgeon and head of the department of reconstructive microsurgery of one of the leading medical centers in Tajikistan, U. Kurbaev. Patients were able to add up to 3.5 thousand hair follicles to the balding area of the head.

Further in the center, other similar operations were carried out, but a wide distribution of plastic hair in Tajikistan has not yet received. We learned that today FUT hair transplant is done in Tajik Hair Clinic and the international clinic of Ibn Sino (Fotekh Niesi str., 34) in Dushanbe. Perhaps today, other branches of the Ibn Sino Center opened in Khujand and Farhor, where their opening was planned earlier.

Hair transplantation in Azebirjana

To say that the plastic surgery of hair in Azejbardjan can not develop at all. Another thing is that there are not so many clinics practicing such a direction of aesthetic medicine in the country.

The exact information we could find only on the well-known in Azejbardjan Center for Aesthetic Medicine "Celamig" (Celamig Plastik Estetik Cerrahi Klinika), which provides hair transplantation services on a skin flap. The center is located in Baku on the street. Sulejmana Rahimova, 126/64, telephone + (99412) 480-05-35.

Basically, residents of Azeybzhan are offered to make a short trip to the neighboring country of Georgia, where the famous clinics of Tbilisi are engaged in hair transplantation:

  • Center for hair transplantation "Talizi" (18 years of practice), led by surgeon Akaki Tsilosani, practicing seamless technique,
  • The Hairline International Hair and Hair Restoration and Research Center.

Such a trip does not seem to be difficult for Azeybajan Residents who decided to take drastic measures to combat alopecia, because the visa-free regime and daily flights from Baku to Tbilisi quite afford such a pleasure.

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