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Diagnosis of lung cancer - soon with a simple breathing tube

20 August 2014, 16:30

Researchers at Tel Aviv Universtiteta in Israel in cooperation with foreign partners, have developed an innovative device for the detection of lung cancer at its earliest stages. Lung cancer is known for its high, relative to other types of cancer, the mortality percentage. The reason for this is the fact that the disease appears and gives the patient felt in the advanced stages, when it spreads to other organs.

The new device, developed by a team of Israeli, US and British researchers, can reverse this grim picture, identifying lung cancer at its earliest stages. Unlike other methods of diagnosis implying irradiation during snapshot or surgery, the new development of simple and effective.

Breathing tube, called "Nanouz» (NaNose), was developed by Professor Nir Peled, a leading pulmonologist, oncologist in the "Herzliya Medical Center." The mechanism of action is a special nano-chip, embedded in a conventional tube for the breath test. In the investigations involved 358 patients who have or are at risk of developing lung cancer, or have them get sick.

Professor Peled describes the results of the study: "Our Nanouz revealed lung cancer with an accuracy of 90%, even in cases where the formation in the lungs was the smallest size and does not allow for a biopsy. In four of the five cases, the device even successfully differentiate between benign and malignant lesions of the lungs. "

Professor Nir Peled is known for his unique approach and mental attitude to each patient. On his initiative in the "Herzliya Medical Center" fast and efficient program for early diagnosis and prevention of lung cancer has been developed. Patients with advanced lung cancer Professor Peled offers diagnostics at the molecular level and picks up an individual plan of targeted biological therapy.

"Herzliya Medical Center" - is a leading private clinics in Israel, in which he took the best specialists of the country and carried out thousands of operations every year. The clinic accepts a foreign patients and offers them a service at the highest level, with Russian-speaking case manager and hospitalization in a private ward at the level of five-star hotel.

If you want to learn more about the diagnosis and treatment in the leading Israeli hospital "Herzliya Medical Center", click here .

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