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A child's consciousness is formed at the age of five months

22 April 2013, 10:15

A group of researchers, neuroscientists from the center of France said that the basic consciousness in children begins to form on the fifth or sixth month of life. Brain activity can indicate the presence of mind and the ability to conscious perception of children, even at an early age. The basic properties of consciousness that have been observed by physicians as the most important - is the ability to analyze and memorize some of the actions to distinguish between their own and others' actions.

child's consciousness is formed at the age of five months

Consciousness - the way in which reality and the surrounding reality appears in the psyche (the aggregate of mental phenomena, processes, and perception). Specialists from Paris for six months been investigating brain activity in adults and children of all ages. They found out that the electrophysiological signs of quite conscious perception can arise not only in adults but also in children between the ages of five to six months.

The results of the study were published in scientific journals of France and Western Europe. The experiment consisted in the fact that neuroscientists have investigated and analyzed the brain activity in adults and in children of five, twelve and fifteen months. The subjects in the fraction of a second were shown distorted pictures and images, and during the show in electronic form was recorded brain activity.

During the analysis of brain activity, scientists were able to establish that, during the viewing of pictures in children occurred the same electrical reaction, as in adults, despite the fact that they were much slower. Currently, it is known that the human brain is capable of processing images seen in two stages. During the first display of the image or photo peak activity of the brain associated with obtaining new and previously unknown information. The first step is a preprocessing of the new information. After some time (approximately 300 milliseconds) of brain activity perfrontalnuyu moves to the cerebral cortex, which according to modern neuroscientists and is responsible for the formation of primary consciousness and perception. Increased activity in the area of the brain specialists say that

Scientists have noticed that the two stages of processing new information arise in children with five months of age. Accordingly, the five-month children can take in information, memorize it, analyze, and therefore we can assume that they have the consciousness begins to form. Every month, children are able to process and absorb information faster and better. For comparison: in the six-month children's perception of the speed of one image - 900 milliseconds, while pyatnadtsatimesyachnyh - has only 750 milliseconds. With age, the child learns to memorize new information, get to know her afterwards.

British scientists do not fully agree with the opinions of colleagues from France. They believe that the experiment is not sufficient to draw any conclusions on the minds of young children.

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