Vitamins for women after 40 years

Menstrual function of the female body begins to noticeably subside after 40 years - this is a signal that begins the gradual process of aging. In the period of 40-45 years, it is particularly active, because it reduces the production of estrogen by the ovaries (primary hormones that maintain the beauty, youth and reproductive function).

Vitamins with zinc

Zinc is one of the most important minerals for the human body - its presence is essential for all cells and tissues, organs and systems.

Vitamins with hyaluronic acid

Various manufacturers produce various composition tools, combining a hyaluronic acid with vitamins A, C, E, macroelements and herbal substances.

Недостаток витаминов группы В

The main feature of substances belonging to the vitamins of this group is their property not to be cumulated in the body, being derived from it together with urine.

Дефицит витамина С

Hypovitaminosis C, which is noted by the lack of vitamin C in the biological organism, can significantly affect the quality of life of a person, since a sufficiently large vitamin deficiency is capable of provoking the development of such a disease as scurvy.  

Vitamins for men after 30

With a view to the prevention of cardiovascular problems, and prevent aging men need antioxidant substances.

Vitamins with zinc for men

They are biologically active additives which perfectly compensate for the deficiency of important substances in the everyday diet. On the methods of taking vitamins and their action will be discussed below.

Vitamins for Men Duovit

Vitamins for men Duovit have the optimal composition of vitamins and minerals, the selection of which are based, taking into account the needs of the body, providing an active lifestyle.

Vitamins for men after 45 years

Vitamins for men over 45 are required to restore adequate levels of trace elements and full life.

Vitamins to increase the potency of men

In order to avoid all sorts of problems related to sexual activity becomes more urgent question, which may be useful to increase potency vitamins men.


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