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Caring for a dog

Caring for a dog is not an easy task. After all, a small domestic pet, and a solid service dog should be full, clean, well-bred and healthy.

Dog life, that is, the stay of a dog in a house or apartment, will be much more comfortable for her and her master if the dog is properly cared for. What it is, you can find out from the materials posted in this section.

Drops from worms for dogs

All pet owners are always concerned about their health, because dogs have a higher risk of infection as outdoor insects and internal parasites - helminths, or worms.

Tablets from worms for dogs

Tablets of worms for dogs is used for the expulsion of helminths animal body cavities.

Насколько хорошо собака чувствует хозяина?

The dog will not be able to discuss the troubles with you at work, but when it snuggles comfortably on your lap, it seems that the pet is understanding your mood and without further ado. The intelligence of dogs is equal to the level of a two-year-old child. To this conclusion came the leading expert in the field of dog psychology from Columbia University, Professor Stanley Koren.

Уход за собакой с пищевой аллергией

How often do food allergies occur in dogs?
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