Cosmetic products

In the management of patients with a cosmetology profile, a specialist should keep in mind that changes in the skin are more or less related to a variety of changes taking place in the body as a whole. In particular, this applies to various skin diseases, as well as its premature aging. In a number of cases, when treating many dermatoses, with skin reactions of age-related changes in the skin and other aesthetic problems, cosmetic procedures should not be limited to, but it is necessary to decide on the appointment of both external (local) therapy and general exposure agents.

Regenerating creams for the skin of hands and face

Mild facial skin and exposed randomly microtraumas and constant harmful influence factors. Reducing the formula face creams contain substances for healing injuries and normalization of cellular metabolism.

Effective facial creams after 35 years

In every woman's life there comes a time when on the skin, even with proper care, are beginning to show signs of decay. This period of say, Balzac age - flowering of femininity and beauty.

Creams with lifting effect for oval face: rating of the best brands, reviews

In the fight against the use of creams and lifting of skin aging changes for the face is the most secure way. They are healthier and refresh the face, provide care and nutrition of the skin to stimulate the body's own resources.

Carrot cream for face

The usual carrots, actually - an unusual vegetable. Delicious, nutritious, beautiful bright color, it is used not only in food. Carrots are very popular in cosmetology. For what Estheticians love orange root vegetables?

Slimming clay: blue, black, white, green

Among existing nowadays a huge list of resources is also a clay for weight loss - this method is considered one of the safest for the body and health.

Application of hyaluronic acid in tablets: for joints, face

In the last decade an increasing popularity among women using hyaluronic acid - it is used for anti-aging and lifting effect, and, as in beauty salons, as well as their own home.

Creams for the face without harmful additives

Sometimes women are preparing the funds personally, according to its own recipes. But the cosmetic industry does not lag behind consumer demand and produces more organic products in accordance with the criteria of naturalness. That such cosmetics is best preserves youth and beauty.


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